‘Stories Of Surrender’ The Book Tour

Nov 25 2022
Paris, 75, FR / Le Grand Rex
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My bible
Love the book , haven’t finished yet…. And loved the interpretation by the author Bono He’s just a chic person, a wonderful human. I don’t find enough superlatives on the dictionary to tell him how much I like the way he is. His life is a voyage and he makes us travelling with him. Thank you Bono
Stories for all
An incredible night from an incredible showman, storyteller and poet. Always questioning, never sure, and certainly never giving up on music, on poverty, on God/Yahweh/The Force/Life/Love. Impressed to the bone. Love is all we have left. And after this night I am another step closer to knowing. Thank you for that tender tenor Bono.
Great night in Paris
What a night! What a show! It was definitely worth the trip from tThe Netherlands. I was also very impressed by Jackknife Lee and the voice of Gemma Doherty. One minor issue: there were only copies of the book in French, while there were many people from other countries.
Bono the opera is in you!
Bono your voice is a bomb, what amazing final for the show!! you are a tenor!! Yes there is some italian word not perfect (you asked me!!) but doesn't care, passion is in the air, the opera that is in you came out, (in one amazing theater with stars above!) For this magic montent of sharing thank you Bono!!! Thanks to all the people meet in this paris journey!!! And please make a second leg of this tour!!!
In Paris at Bono's
We were there!! Driving from The Netherlands to see this beautiful play. Thank you Bono for being so open about your life with laughter and emotion and music. Thanks!! And what a beautiful voice has the player of the Harp!!
Una nuova avventura un nuovo viaggio una nuova emozione Grazie
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