Joshua Tree

Lexington, KY, US / Rupp Arena
with The BoDeans 7
Party Girl Live Joshua Tree Tour


30 January, 2017
My First Concert Experience!
My first concert experience...what a way to start! My best friend gave me a ticket for my Birthday...Thank you Nathan Sweet!
07 September, 2014
First U2 Show
I camped out all night, in a parking lot, in the snow, in a tent to get the tickets. I was able to get 2 tickets. I was only 15 years old with no driver's license or car. I begged my older cousin to take me to the show because my parents refused to drive me 70 miles east to Lexington. I was living in Louisville, KY at the time. Our seats were 5-6 rows behind the stage. I had a great view of Larry, but not much else. Honestly, I didn't care because the music/songs and crowd/atmosphere were absolutely incredible. I'll never forget that show. My favorite song was '40' -- it seemed like EVERYONE in Rupp Arena was singing the song (even while we were walking out to leave).
12 July, 2010
"Where the Streets Have No Name" will always be special to me and to this day still gives me goosebumps whenever I get the chance to see the guys live. That was the song U2 opened up with when I first saw them at Rupp Arena when I was a junior going to the Univ. of KY. Because the show was sold out, I ended up buying a floor seat ticket from a scalper for $40. Unfortunately, it was a floor seat at the very back, and being only 5'0' tall, it got a little hard to see the band when everybody stood up. Thank goodness for the screens later on! Even without being able to really see the band, I just remember how great the music was. I consider myself very fortunate that I've been able to see U2 live at least once for every other US tour after the Joshua Tree tour. But, the first time will always be the most special in my heart...
07 June, 2010
Lexington KY Rupp Arena 1987 -- The stage was simple then, better I think. Just a rectangle with ramps on either side that angled upwards. Bono would run up them and thrill us, we who had fabulous seats on the Edge side of the stage. When Bono first came out on stage, he was wearing his signature Joshua Tree attire. He stepped onto the Edge side and with the spotlight tightly on him, slowly arched his back, took off his hat, and then with back still arched...slowly pulled the band off that held back his shoulder length hair. I was thunderstruck! Still am. To this day I've been to see them: Joshua Tree, Lexington, Elevation, St. Louis, Vertigo, Houston, 360, Houston (have tix to 360, Denver, postponed, have tix to see them 360, Athens Greece and my ardent wish is to see them as much as I can. Love you, Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry! Thank you so much!
13 April, 2010
Uplifting- Made me a Fan for Life
I waited all night outside in a cold rain to get the the tickets to this concert and it was well worth it! I can remember Rupp Arena dark with the hum of Where the Streets Have no Name only to explode in light and music!! You could almost see what the guy across the arena had on it was so bright. I never listen to that song with out thinking of that concert! It still gives me goose bumps. This concert also introduced me to the BoDeans who opened for them. I would see them again in 2001 in this same stadium, but with better seats!! I wish they would play this venue again, it is a little different then when I saw them at Soldier Field in 2009. Just as good, but different.
24 September, 2009
This was the first concert I ever attended. It set me up for many disappointments with future concerts I went too. No other band could live up to that expierence. They opened with "Where the Streets Have No Name". The anticipation of the concert combined with the intro to "Streets" was amazing and powerful. They were so tight, the concert seemed like listening to the album but with much more energy. What a great experience for an 8th grader. Twenty two years later I will see them again in Atlanta. Can not wait.
04 September, 2009
First Time
This was my first time seeing U2 live! I was 16 and had bought my tickets from Propaganda and they were only $17.00 then. I had 7th row center floor seats right in front. I was surrounded by other Propaganda members and it was like a secret society! The BoDeans opened the show and after a brief intermission the lights were out and the roaring intro of Streets was blazing through the darkness and then there they were. They were so awesome that night! It was one of those moments in my life I will always remember. Still have my ticket stub, shirts, and program. Can't say enough about this show!
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