St. Louis, US / Savvis Center
with Kanye West 1
First night with Kanye West opening up and for the first time on the tour, Bono arrives on stage ahead of the support act. He wants a special welcome from the U2 audience for the first of four nights with Kanye West. 'I want to introduce a truly great American voice,' he tells the St Louis audience.

Kanye performed with a DJ and a seven-piece string section - including a harp - and the U2 crowd were knocked out. He even headed out along the elipse stage to perform his Grammy-winning 'Jesus Walks' which really blew people away. Later, when U2 were on stage, Bono slipped a snatch of Jesus Walks into Beautiful Day. We've had some great support acts this year and this is quite a climax. Just three shows to go for Vertigo '05, hard to believe.


28 December, 2010
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great , great show as usual- even better that it was finally in my home town - St. Louis!! Was blown away that Bono came out before Kanye to intro him!! Was blown away by one of Kanye's violin players- BOY DID SHE MOVE!!! the confetti coming down for City of Blinding lights- being about 10 feet from Bono and all the band- AMAZING , AMAZING SHOW!! STREETS , STREETS , STREETS!!! Always remember standing out in GA line with the TRUE u2 fans- talkin U2 for HOURS !!! AWSUM
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