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Lights of Home in Chicago

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Lights of Home in Chicago

'Come and show me another city with lifted head singing so proud to be alive and coarse and strong and cunning.'
—from the poem 'Chicago' by Carl Sandburg

'Chicago, you are the most beautiful city in America! It's true. You know it's true!” The speaker is Bono and the audience, inside a packed-to-the-gills United Center in Chicago Tuesday night, knows he means every syllable.
'Turn your light on, Chicago! Show us your light!' he said during 'Lights of Home.' 
Tuesday's show was the thirty-third the band has played in this heart-of-America town that has been amongst their most loyal and vocal boosters since their first gig here at the University of Chicago's International House on April 11, 1981.
For longtime Chicago fans, each time the band comes to town it feels like a real homecoming —four favorite (adopted Irish) sons, with whom we've shared a long, storied friendship, return to tell us stories, move our hearts and minds, and raise our spirits. We welcome them and with open arms, and they remind us of who we are, calling out the better angels of our nature. 
'That city, shining on a hill,' Bono called it, during his introduction to 'City of Blinding Lights.' 
'What a story you have to tell,' he told us as the band launched into 'Get Out Of Your Own Way'. 
In this, the cultural capital of the Land of Lincoln, where the heartbeat is the rhythm of the blues and  great social challenges have given birth to even greater art, lyrics from the new album —GOOYOW, American Soul, Blackout, Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way, 13 (There Is A Light)—held a particular poignancy when heard as words of encouragement from soul friends.
The promised land is there for those who need it most and Lincoln's ghost said, Get out of your own way… 
It's not a place 
This country is to me a sound …look around, it's a sound…
Alongside a great reception for  the new songs, the band's classic material found new lifeblood and energy amidst the Chicago crowd. 'Pride (In The Name Of Love)' sounded as fresh and urgent as if it has been written last week, while Bono reminded the crowd, 'Tonight we dream with our eyes open, our hearts open, and our arms open to who stands across from us who has a different world view, a different sexuality, a different ethnicity, a different way of seeing the world. And our eyes are open even to those who stand in our way, the way we see the world…. And remember a reverend from Atlanta, fifty years ago, April 4. A shot rings out…'
Another highlight was the not-often-played-live 'Staring At The Sun' from the band's 'Pop' album performed on the E stage. 'We just felt the world was just becoing a better place, things looked good, we just wanted to chill out,' Bono said, describing 'Pop' as their 'psychedelic' album. 
Before the band played the finale song of the encore, '13', closing the night with 'a lullaby and a prayer, for 'the safety of all your kids and our kids'  Bono said he had a surprise to share. 
'We found out today that the people who work here at the United Center wanted to be part of (RED)'s campaign to buy HIV/AIDS drugs for people who can't afford them. So, they raised amongst the workforce here a significant amount of money and the management here matched it. It's just great that people would do that.'

'You are great for us, always, this city and here at the United Center—very special for us,' he said.

Here's the set list and, if you were at the show, add your own photos and reviews below.

Report by longtime Chicagoan and former Chicago Sun-Times writer Cathleen Falsani  - who saw her first U2 show at the United Center seventeen years ago this month.


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U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer



28 May, 2018
Pride (In the Name of Love)
It was completely surreal for me to stand this close / in the shadow of the man who first made me want to try and learn how to play the electric guitar... and I'm still not over it! Thank you, Edge!
26 May, 2018
The best venue for a U2 show?
Before declaring the best you’ve got to get to a Montreal show! The Bell Centre crowd is over the top, well worth the trip!!!
25 May, 2018
Our Best Concert ever!!!!!!
Me and my wife came from Costa Rica to see U2, and it was the best and amazing experience in our lives!! U2, please come to Costa Rica soon, we will see you again. Great show, great sound, lights, everything was so amazing. Thanks
24 May, 2018
jim trevethan
Once again what an amazing show. Just pure energy from U2 all night long. I felt like I was watching them back when they were young. All 4 of them just killed it tonight. I love that it contain a lot of new music and not the same hits over again. Was so refreshing. Hope they have another leg of this tour in America and hope tgey give Cleveland a 2 night set as from the Joshua Tree tour concert here last year. The city deserves it.
24 May, 2018
No Red Flag Day tonite :( :(
Even so, it was still a GREAT show. My fourth U2 concert (360, Innocence, JT30, Experience) - and every time it's better than the last. Hope you'll perform RFD live next time in Chicago - *both* nites!
23 May, 2018
Awesome Show
Look who popped up in front of me at the Chicago show last night!
23 May, 2018
U2 + George Lucas = Out of this world!
Great concert and fans!
23 May, 2018
U2 Chicago
Picture from the show
23 May, 2018
The show was one of the best U2 shows (and shows in general) that I've been to. Incredible.
23 May, 2018
1st concert
The excitement of seeing her favorite band tired her out. Thank you U2, crew, and all your family members :) have a safe and fun tour! This was taken by a fellow fan we met tonight.
22 May, 2018
Reminds me of "LIVE FROM BOSTON" when u opened with Elevation and I made myself vocally memorable on the DVD. (the cute one, that was me)
22 May, 2018
U2 in Chicago....Can't wait!
This will be my 21st Chicago show and 24th show overall. I have seen U2 in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis and nothing beats Chicago. Chicago, we only get 2 shows this time around (versus the 5 in 2015), lets raise the roof! U2 will surely make these 2 shows in Chi-Town extra special! Showman debut? How about Horses again after being dropped after 1 show?! Let's not forget Red Flag Day! All wishful thinking aside, lets make sure to enjoy these wonderful shows, be kind, get up stand up, and rock the UC for 2 nights!
22 May, 2018
So sad
I´m very sad for not coming today at U2 Concert - Chicago. I both tickets but mom is not well. So sad for you2.
21 May, 2018
U2 two more times!
We went to the U2: The Joshua Tree 2017 Tour 2X's in Chicago, and we are going to both eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE tour shows this year!!! A Great way to spend vacation! U2 Rocks The Nation!!!
21 May, 2018
The Little Things That Give You Away
Why is the best song on the album not getting played this tour? Please add it to the setlist for one of the Chicago dates!!!!! My wife and I will be at both shows and this will be my 12 and 13th time seeing U2 live. I love you guys and you have been such a big part of my life. Thank you!!
20 May, 2018
Please Play Red Flag Day at UC on May 22
Please Play Red Flag Day at UC on May 22
17 May, 2018
Song request
This is my almost 2 year old daughters (Maéve) 1st concert, is there any way you could sing twinkle twinkle little star on the 22nd? That would make her day!!!
14 May, 2018
Love is Bigger than Anything in its Way(
I have listened to this song hundreds of times since I was given a brain tumor diagnosis in December. It has kept me going and nothing will keep me from hearing it live in Chicago on May 22. Craniotomy is scheduled for June 19 at Johns Hopkins. Please play this song! A hug from Bono would fulfill a lifelong bucket list dream. Thank you for writing this amazing song! Michelle
13 May, 2018
Please Play Red Flag Day at UC on May 22
SO want to hear this song live, it's my absolute favorite track on the new album ever since the very first listen. They've played it twice so far (2nd San Jose show, 1st Vegas show), please play it again the first nite in Chicago! This will be my 4th U2 concert. Each one has been better than the last, so I can't wait!!
05 May, 2018
Chicago Loves U2!!
I have a bad back and could not make it to the 2nd show at Solder Field because I was in so much pain, I had to sell my tickets. I have a great ticket for this show and even if i have a buldging disc and pain, I am going to try my hardest to make it. Best to all U2 fans, Bob Hubbell
04 May, 2018
The Future Begins w/ U2
"Love is Bigger than Anything" so don't worry about whatever gets in your way - bring yourself & we will LOVE U2. ~ sugar town ~ moves in mysterious ways ~ everyONE welcome.
06 February, 2018
jim trevethan
wonder if I will see any of the band members hanging out on the Navy Pier during the day. Will be there hanging out a bit during the day of the show with the family. Will keep my eye open, never know. Maybe a little busking from the boys out there. Wouldn't that be a sight. Anyways, can't wait to see the show that night. Will be the 5th time seeing them in Chicago as from Cleveland and sad that they won't be doing a show there or pittsburgh or detroit. was awesome that they played these 3 cities on JT30 tour and spread them out. Thats the way to do a tour but understand with this stage set up. Maybe 2019 they do a stint again in the state and hit the secondary cities like JT30.
13 November, 2017
No overhang!
I am happy to report that there is no nasty overhang in the United Center as there was at Soldier Field. Also, try the tacos in the UC. They are great. I'm so excited. UC is my favorite venue.
13 November, 2017
i'll be there in my hometown!!
12 November, 2017
Euro tour ??
Will U2 be touring in Ireland too?? My husband promised we would see them in Ireland during next tour,,, who knew it would be so soon! Lucky me ,,, can i use presale for eoru tour?? thanks Erin
09 November, 2017
Very Excited
May 22nd is our wedding anniversary so the timing couldn’t be better! It’s even more special since my wife and I are huge U2 fans (my first concert was Joshua Tree in 1987) and we were married in Islandeady, Co Mayo just 4 years ago. Can’t wait!
07 November, 2017
Here I come!
First time I saw them, I saw them at the UC, excited to be there again
02 November, 2017
Chicago here we come
Was hoping for Cleveland again, but not going to wait for more dates to be announced. I know myself I'll buy as soon as they go on sale so looks like Chicago is going to have to put up with me again. On the bright side everyone will get food gifts brought back. See you all there.
02 November, 2017
I’m really looking forward to this show
I really enjoyed all of their shows the last decade or so I’m sure they will bring there A game to Chicago!
02 November, 2017
I've been waiting for this moment! I can't wait to see the second part of this tour!
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