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jeff sparks
16 July, 2018
We Love Manchester and U2
1st saw U2 playing 2nd support to Wah Heat at Manchester Poly, Pink Military Stands Alone, were also supporting that night . I knew they would make it and followed them ever since. Lost count of the number of times I have seen them live but every time It always feels like the first time. That’s what makes a U2 concert so special. I’ll be there on both nights in Manchester. Hope to hear you play New York...... please
17 June, 2018
VIP tickets this time!
Cannot wait, 5 time seeing U2, first was Live Aid. Brought the VIP tickets this as my wife's first U2 gig so hope they play The Streets Have No Name!
01 June, 2018
Mysterious Ways
Mysterious Ways for me as I was at a show on the last tour where "The little things that give you away" was played and then swapped for "Mysterious Ways" the next night, so this time I would love to see "Mysterious Ways" - it's always been one of my favourites!
06 February, 2018
Got tickets for both Manchester shows or as i am calling it on this tour "Glasgow South"! #whynoscotland?
05 February, 2018
"We're not going - give him his guitar"
At a concert in the city in December 1982, Bono also said "Manchester was the first place in this country where people gave us a chance" before launching into a stunning version of 11 O'Clock Tick Tock - how brilliant it would be if they played it again on October 19th! Just hope it's as loud as last time - can't wait.
01 February, 2018
Another thing
Would love to see Stay! (Faraway, So Close) performed live too
29 January, 2018
2nd concert for me and my girlfriend, hope the play ‘Song for Someone’ as it is our fav song!
28 January, 2018
Hoping for a good tune to end on
Really hope the guys choose an upbeat tune to end the show with. Last time at Dublin (red arrows show) the end song was new and somber, first time I've left a show feeling flat, personally I think they are advised to do it for crowd control and keeping the streets around houses quieter. Never felt so dour after a gig
27 January, 2018
Manchester here we come.
Got my tickets for Manchester. This will be the 5th U2 concert for my husband and I, the 3rd concert for my 15 yr old son. Would be great to hear Ordinary Love played on the night, please please please. Roll on October.
22 January, 2018
Sooooooooo happy cannot wait for October now .my fave song is Spanish eyes ,but I love them all really .I'm so made up U2 have been my life "sometimes you cant make it on your own " xxxx
21 January, 2018
Looking forward to this and hearing the new songs live especially Landlady and hearing The Little Things That Give You Away again this time in an arena will be special also bringing my girlfriend for her 1st U2 Concert on our anniversary cos she couldn't make the Croke Park concert on the Joshua Tree tour
20 January, 2018
Glasgow Boy comin' to Manchester
Really buzzin' about this. No Glasgow show this time, so Manchester will do me alright!
19 January, 2018
Ticket in the bag........it's going to be special and loud!
19 January, 2018
Roll on Oct
Coming from Ireland with my wife surprise birthday for Anita .. My 30th show wife’s 12th ..
19 January, 2018
Leon mc
Buzzing got 2 tickets for this.Seen them in Berlin on the Joshua tree tour amazing!! But still a bit confused why standing tickets not available?? Even for pre sale fan club members !! Still going to great though x
17 January, 2018
So excited!
We are both so thrilled about that concert!Especially because it's gonna be on my girlfriend's birthday @!!Our first U2 show 2gether!!!can't wait for it!!!Yay!!!:-) ♡♡♡ ☆☆☆
17 January, 2018
...Please U2...
Out of Control for me....that's all I'm missing
17 January, 2018
Yes yes yes u2
Can't wait for this red flag day live wow
16 January, 2018
Please U2
Please play An Cat Dubh / Into The Heart. Much love, Manchester
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