Copenhagen, DK / Royal Arena

Angel Runs To Ground in Copenhagen…


'The songs are everything to us, taken us everywhere…
...special times with our songs, Tokyo in our twenties.'

And with that we were into the unmistakeable opening chords of The Unforgettable Fire, which segued into Stay (Faraway, So Close)  and when the angel hit the ground, Wild Horses followed. 

Second night in Denmark was full of surprises… including a special tribute to Joe O’Herlihy, who first looked after the band’s sound FORTY YEARS AGO tonight. (Everybody on the crew was wearing a Joe O 40 shirt today.)

When & Where
Second and final night, Royal Arena, Copenhagen, Sunday 30th September 2018.

Set List
"The songs are everything to us, taken us everywhere …special times with our songs, Tokyo in our twenties." And with that we were into the unmistakeable opening chords of The Unforgettable Fire, which segued into Stay (Faraway, So Close) and, when the angel hit the ground, Wild Horses followed. 
Second night in Denmark was full of surprises… including a special tribute to Joe O'Herlihy, who first looked after the band's sound FORTY YEARS AGO tonight. (Everybody on the crew was wearing a Joe O 40 shirt today.) The party atmosphere, setlist shake-up and Joe O vibe transcended the arena into the internet airwaves too.  Here's the full setlist from second night in Copenhagen.  

On The Fansites 
mullendrums via Zootopia 
'Wow!My first show of 7 on this tour and what a fab start, Major turnaround in the setlist, Gloria, Unf Fire, Stay and Horses I was literally gobsmacked, people by me on the rail went crazy. It was great to see Larry up close again and he still does smash the hell out of that kit, it's like thunder when he plays . Tonight was a special night as it was Joe's 40th year working with the band and it was a privilege to be part of the celebrations. Bring on the next shows!'

‘two tour debuts, two leg debuts, and an incredible audience that blew the night into the stratosphere… The first surprise was the return of Gloria to the set in the fourth slot, the leg debut for the song. It was last performed at the final night of the first leg.'

Sherry via @atu2
'The surprises continued as "The Unforgettable Fire" replaced "The Ocean," marking the first time the tune has been performed live since Horsens, Denmark, on Aug. 15, 2010. Following that, the band ripped into "Stay (Faraway, So Close)," which was last performed in Moncton, Canada, on July 30, 2011. "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses" closed the trifecta, which was last performed on June 11, 2018, at the Apollo Theater.'

On The Socials 
@paulmjonesy (via Twitter) 'Full band performance of Stay (Faraway, So Close!) in Copenhagen tonight. The first time in 25 years.'

@georgemccauley (via Twitter) 'Massive props to the boys for changing up the set list dramatically tonight and dropping a whole section of the show that they've played for the whole tour. Incredibly excited for the Manchester and London shows!'

@PlaylistGuy (via Twitter) 'Guys, thanks for last night....but that was so much more than alright tonight, been following you guys since before the first record and you always bring it up a level when needed.'

Experience Of The Day
Sabine from German fanzine @U2Tour was handed a setlist from tonights show.. but not just any old setlist, how about a 'Sabine. Best Wishes. Joe O'Herlihy' signed by the man himself? 

What Did Bono Say?
"Thank you for last night's flag and tonight's welcome. Thank you for giving us so much - for giving us a great life. Thank you for singing our songs."

“This is my life. This is my time. You show me the light. And I go there. Give me the wine. Bitter and sweet. And a little bit of bread. That's all I need.” (words from the Gasoline song 'This Is My Life', spoken whilst dedicating the show to son of Copenhagen, Rock legend Kim Larsen, who sadly passed away earlier in the day.

Were you in Copenhagen tonight ? Post your reviews and add your photos below. 

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15 January, 2019
Copenhagen 30th sept
Freakin awesome show. Cant wait until next tour.. soon
06 October, 2018
title of remix
does anyone know what was the title of the remix of Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me that is being used on this tour? And is it released anywhere?
02 October, 2018
Sorry guys
Fith time since 1984 I saw U2 on 29th of September in Copenhagen. Very disappointed! To little energy - to much preaching - to many of the new songs - to little connection with the audience. The setlist wasn’t impressing and was much better the next day: why? Because of the bad reviews? Three out of 6 stars.
01 October, 2018
thank you!!! great setlist finally!!! I love you! These are our U2!!! see you in milan...I hope with the same setlist <3
01 October, 2018
Show 2 Copenhagen
Tanks U2 for a wonderfull show. Nice to see you back i Denmark. To see and hear you perform Stay, Unforgettable Fire again and for me I think the first time Wild Horses was a fantastic surprise. The highlights of the show! Also Acrobat was a highlight of course. What a song and what a Sound!! When you Play the intimate stage you are at your best. Cut off the big screen. We are at the show to see a rockband. The screens we have at home
Gogme United
01 October, 2018
Mixing things up finally :-)
With the Amsterdam nights just a week away I'm really glad to see U2 are mixing things up, new songs, more surprises than just the 'fourth song slot'. I was happy that I just got a ticket for one night in my hometown, as I normally have tickets for all, but this Friday I managed to get a GA ticket for night two and was about to sell my night one ticket. But there's no way in hell I will sell it now, Amsterdam is always special for U2 and I'm sure they'll mix things up even more. Bring on 40 :-)
01 October, 2018
Thanks for the dedication to Kim Larsen
What a night
01 October, 2018
A beautiful night
Thank you for the music! Thank you for the stories you share! One again, an amazing concert by my favourite band in the world. Keep playing...
30 September, 2018
Amazing second show
U2 at their best - still passionate and the greatest band on earth. The Spirit was in the house!
30 September, 2018
What the hack is this list??
Gloria, UF, Stay and Horses!! I don't believe! Hope to see it in Ireland!! Please guys!!
30 September, 2018
One Word
Ali. You can always tell when she's along . Bono sounds so much happier and relaxed . This is the best he's sounded all tour .
30 September, 2018
All because of you!
Thanks for a great concert! Our feets are burning after yesterday's dancing all night long at Royal Arena. Great surprise to hear All because of you! Greetings from from Maria & Peter in Sweden
03 February, 2018
Finally I've got my tickets! Can't wait to see you in wonderful Copenhagen :)
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