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07 June, 2018
Lifelong Fan
Got my GA tix and am looking forward to seeing U2 again right here in my home state! I've been going to U2 shows since 1985, and even took a bucket list trip to Ireland to see you in Croke Park on the 360 tour. This show is just before my 50th Birthday and is my gift to myself! Keep on rockin' boys! Love your music, love your concerts and can't wait for the show!!
31 May, 2018
in reply to "small venue"
I voted for Trump. But I am fine with Obama too. You dont have to hate one to love the other.. I decided to finally see U2 this year. They are exactly my age. Thought I should see them once before they retire. I had a problem with them over the years..didnt care for/wasnt in the right frame of mind for Joshua Tree in 87..I wanted to rock, not think. As years went on, I also didnt care for, what I had read: U2 not performing all their hits starting with ZooTV, I didnt care for Bono spray painting graffiti & trying to pretend it was "art" (everything an artist does is not always artistic, sorry Bono), a little too pretentious at times. I could go on. But 30 years later, I am thinking more, but still want to rock...U2 does BOTH...and in a VERY ARTISTIC WAY...LIKE NO OTHER BAND. Hits are INCORPORATED into what feels more like a stage play, rather than "and here is another hit" type concert. Bono has established himself as one of the GREATEST LYRICIST, arguably THE GREATEST, of all time. Yes, as good as, arguably BETTER, than Dylan, Lennon, Morrison, early Sting..John Denver (yeah, John Denver). Yeah, they are rich, and dont understand everything...but I will excuse them for being human, incredibly talented,lucky and hard-working. U2 has opinions, spoken in their music and concert presentation. But, they dont get preachy and "know it all". I respect that and they do appear to respect that in others. I believe in god and country, but am not particularly religious. Took all three of my teenage kids to the 2nd show I saw in LA. As Bono once said "music is a sacrament. I can say, their show is truly a religious experience. Hopefully, they wont retire anytime soon and will redo the 360 concert format...2020???
06 March, 2018
Small Venue
This is a small venue for U2, which would make for an incredible show. Plus, would put me in good eyesight of Bono and The Edge to wear my Trump shirt and shove it up their.....Like U2, but tired of the rhetoric....
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