Nov 13 2018
Berlin, DE / Mercedes-Benz Arena

'The ride of our life…'


Are we ready for the ride of our life asked Bono, as Zoo Station opened up in Berlin tonight.  
We were ready. 
Two and a half months after this second night in Berlin was supposed to have taken place, it finally did.
'The last time I stood here I could not sing that song and you sang it for us...'
Bono was in fine voice tonight but everyone sang along anyway - and this time Berlin not only proved a fine ending to the entire tour,  it also recalled an extraordinary passage of 'experience' that was born in this city nearly thirty years ago.
'1990 was quite a moment to be in Berlin,
The wall had come down.. everywhere but in Hansa studios, recording Achtung Baby, and it wasn't going very well
In fact the walls were going up in the U2 band.
We couldn't' agree on anything where to eat, what to eat, who to eat… Brian Eno was questioning the utensils we were eating with.
Brian who built the table that we all we sat at..'
Brian Eno was in the house tonight and special thanks went out to him and Flood and Daniel Lanois.
'We came here not to find ourselves but to get lost… sometimes young men just need to get lost.'

We all got lost tonight...

More coming up, meantime here's the set list.

What did you think? Were you at the final show of the tour? Post your reviews and add your photos here.

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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    Amazing last show in Berlin
    It was an amazing show, so strong and powerful. When the four boys came through a passage below the stage and went upstairs. The show started and it was breathtaking from the start. It was well thought out, the songs very well matched, the mood increased. It was nice to see how the boys enjoyed their game, how they interacted with the audience. I like all the songs from Innocence and from Experience but with the “new” songs from AB it’s more fresh, more enthusiastic. Thank you so much!
    I can't believe you forgot about us!
    Your fans in New Zealand, of which I have been one for many, many years, will never get to experience the #U2eitour. So sad... And doubly so for me and my family as we'll be coming to Europe (Berlin) in just a few weeks and yet too late!
    Chrissy Heinz
    motels, pink, jeff buckely and Solomon burke... just in case you want a head start. I would like to sing it. THANK YOU GOD!
    Australia - Forgotten Land Downunder
    From what I've seen of the tour it was amazing, as was Innocence Tour & Joshua Tree Tour. None of which came to Australia. As a fan of U2 for over 30 years it's beyond disappointing.
    I'm glad I was here with my son - he was also excited !!!
    Absolutely incredible!
    Having been on both the Sarajevo show 21 years ago and the final eiTour show in Berlin (and some in between, of course), I can with all certainty say that this show was as monumental as the one in Bosnia in 1997. Waves of love and happiness washed over everyone in the crowd way before "It's a Beautiful World" signaled the start, and I still feel the joy coursing through my veins upon witnessing my fave band live, and in the real "City of Blinding Lights", no less. That, coupled with meeting Bono and The Edge a few hours before the show, made this a truly unforgettable experience. I left my heart there on the Main stage! These four Irishmen mean so much to me and I cannot wait to see them again live! Sending oceans of love from Bosnia, /Ilhana
    Happy birthday, Achtung baby
    Happy birthday, Achtung baby! All the best to the 27th anniversary. U2, enjoy the break and take care of your health. Please don't let us wait too long for any news! Thanks for an awesome tour and this special unbelievable final in Berlin. All fans celebrated U2 at it's best. Kickstart at "Blackout". No shirt wasn't dry after 4 Songs. Thank you U2 for a perfect life !
    Don't you forget about me!
    I seem to think that since there has been a change of Manager that maybe U2 have forgotten about the Southern Hemisphere. The poor Aussie dollar has been used before as an excuse but it won't do this time. It will be eight years next month since you last came to Australia. Surely you have saved enough pocket money by now to spoil yourself down under.
    In anticipation of the U2 concert
    One of the greatest conferences on which we were greetings from Poland. Amazing ending of the U2IE 2018
    U2 makes life lovely! OK, SO....WHEN IS THE NEW ALBUM AND TOUR!!!!???
    Beautiful Day
    U2 & Berlin = Always magical
    "Grande finale" of E+I Tour
    I think it was one of top 3 the best U2 shows, which I have seen live since my first Vertigo gig in 2005. Excellent Achtung Baby part, so powerful and enjoyable crowd on GA. It is really difficult to accept fact it is end of such fantastic 4 years era with 3 diiferent tours given by band to fans.
    Stay (Faraway, so close!)
    Berlin has a special place in my heart. After a night of sadness and disappointment (september the 1st), my husband and my little boy, who know how much U2 are important for me, told me: Hey, we have to come back to Berlin in november!!!! I will never stop to be grateful to them for this. When I arrived at the Arena on nov the 13th, the lady from Berlin, who was sitting next to me on september the 1st, welcomed me with a great smile and open arms: "I'm so happy you've come back", she said. "Another mad girl like me!" Well, it's a lovely greeting :-) I'm aware that in every U2 concert, I've always been part of a ritual full of passion, joy, something that can really hypnotize me each time. I was in Belfast on october the 27th and I enjoyed the atmosphere in that small venue, the people and my closeness to the e-stage and to my beloved "older brothers". While last night in Berlin I actually saw another show because I was on the seats and I managed to appreciate the whole show and its astonishing production: videos, lights, flying cameras over our heads... so lucky to have two different points of view in a short-time period. I've appreciated all the show but I was really moved by Gloria, New year's day and all the Achtung baby songs (Wild horses is an unexpected and precious gem). And obviously by Stay (Faraway so close!): as my beloved U2 say, Miami, New Orleans, London, BELFAST AND BERLIN... You'll always be in my heart, thanks for making me feel so special every time
    Berlin and U2..the unforgettable night..
    to understand the emotion of the last night in BERLIN i think it's enough to watch videos.. all people standing also in the seats...you are going away...we don't know where....when and how...so... Thank you.. Cause a rock band with his song can accompany accompany the life and growth of a young girl between 12 and 13 years who want discover the world outside... can keep she away from drugs ... talking about the negative effects of it...can help her to believe that dream can be realized, that we must fight for our dreams and for a better world,, that when we fight together we can win the battles .. that true friendship is one of the most important things ..that .family is something sacred that must be protected and for which we must constantly thank God...that we have to be always ourselves, we have to free ourselves ..that ache change our life but it can be also a starting point to create something great.. So thank you Bono, Adam, Larry and Edge..for give me all of this..for the emotions, for the tears, for the smiles..for all the beautiful U2 fan people i know with you..for that light bulb always on, for the immense LIGHT that in these 30 years with you i learned don't let go out... Thanks U2 for giving e a great life..and thanks for the unforgettable night in Berlin... Luciana (From Rome).--
    What a crowd!
    Absolutely the best crowd of this years tour (at least from 9 shows I attended!) even better than Milano! Performance wise I regret them not doing a Red Flag Day as an extra for that messed up performance on 1.09. well apart from that PERFECT SHOW! Great band energy - Edge was totally on fire (check out City Of Blidning Lights as he jumped on the edge of stage!) even Larry was seen smiling couple of times!!! Thank you guys and thanks to all people who were having so much fun the energy of the crowd made it unforgettable experience!
    So sad that my favorite band has missed Australia two consecutive tours. One would have to think there are less concerts ahead of them than behind so every tour we miss out on is devastating to Aussie Fans. Please reconsider Paul, Dave, Adam & Larry...........
    Thanks for being the best band EVER!!!
    Thank You!
    Words limit the feelings I have regarding being at the final show of this tour. All words except thank you. Thank you for being a part of my life since 1983 and for growing me up to be a loving, kind, responsible human. Until next time....
    Waiting for you
    I feel sad Because Songs of Innocence and Experience don't have a world tour. I think this albums deser a World Tour I think we need that you come in México and Latin América in 2019 or 2020.
    Thank you so much for this tour I loved it times3
    Mr.Mac Phisto meets The Edge in Berlin
    Mr.Mac Phisto meets The Edge in Berlin
    "What matters most is how well you walk
    To imagine that the lead singer of a band on tour lost his voice at the beginning of the European leg let us know that there are easier things to manage. The Tour is almost at its end now with a very special night in Berlin. Thank You U2! Well done!
    I’m ready, ready for what’s next!
    So excited to see Bono and the boys in their final show! Thank you for re-scheduling! Hoping for a shout out to the great Stan Lee!
    On our way back
    Dear U2, Now the school has accepted the absence of our two girls to attend the concert on Nov 13th, I am glad to confirm that the four of us (including my wife and I) are coming back from Geneva to Berlin and we will be seating in block 209 as last time :-)))! November is a very special month for us as my wife and my yougest daughter have their birthdays. My daughter Maya will in particular be 12 yrs old on Nov 10th. She has trained hard on the songs, especially on Sunday Bloody Sunday and The Miracle. We look forward to seeing you! BRGDS, François and family
    Looking for tickets
    I would absolutely love to see the Show. Hamburg was amazing but Berlin is always very special. If anyone can't go and wants to sell tickets (2) to true U2 fans, I would be so grateful. Thanks, Lin
    From Berlin to Milan to Berlin
    I was there in Berlin! And will be again, only to be with you!!! Milan 1 & 2 were epic... this tour is epic!! Heartfelt, emotional and moving.. love SOE!! And the live debut of The Landlady... so happy to have been there! Was on my way to Modena in 1987, but was brought back home by police because I was only 14 and my parents freaked out.. nothing will stop me to coming to Berlin this time!! I'm sure it will be the best night ever! Thank you so much for coming back to Berlin! So proud to be with U2!!
    From Tokyo to Berlin on Nov.13
    I was there in Berlin on Sep.1st.... And again, Far from Japan to Germany, flying for 9,000km, back to Mercedes Benz Arena on Nov.13!
    2nd time lucky
    Thankyou Larry, Edge, Adam and Bono for coming back to Berlin. Thank you. It is not easy for some of us to return but I am sure it is much harder for you 4 and your crew!!! I cannot wait to see you again. First time was 1987 in Glasgow and Edinburgh. So amazing to see you after all this time has passed but the feelings remain the same. It will be a beautiful moment and then memory. Slàinte.
    Ready for the laughting gas.
    I will come back to Berlin
    Very expensive and very difficult to get away from my job but... I will return from Italy to Berlin... only to be with you my dear ones!!! I hope it will be THE BEST concert on this tour
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