The Joshua Tree Tour 2019

Nov 22 2019
Sydney, AU / Sydney Cricket Ground
with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Wide Awake in Sydney

'It was 22 years ago today, that one of your country’s brightest lights went dark… he was a light for me… he was a light for a lot of us…. And  tonight some of his loved ones are here… 
Can we  have a moment in the dark to shine our lights for Michael Hutchence? 
Great singer, fine man…'

In Michael's memory, tonight ‘Bad' made room to include  INXS's 'Never Tear Us Apart' while, late in the show, and, for the first time since 2015, a poignant 'Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of'.

Another memorable set from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds was enough to send the early evening rain off for the night, although the capacity crowd at the Sydney Cricket Ground still got to hear an impromptu rendition of Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head. Edge recalled the benefits of cash payments during his time with The Drifting Cowboys while Larry discussed the difference between foxtrot and waltz.

Cathy MacCabe for Australian Daily Telegraph : 
'A sellout crowd was on hand as the Irish rockers turned the Sydney Cricket Ground into a cathedral of rock last night. After the much-needed rain, comes the rock gods and some tears. U2 opened their only two-night stand on the Joshua Tree tour of Australia at the hallowed SCG and quickly got down to the business of elevating it as a cathedral of rock. “Thank you to the rain ... it's a precursor to an epic night of rock'n'roll,” Bono said after a unifying three-song launch of Sunday Bloody Sunday, I Will Follow and New Year's Day. The frontman was clearly emotional as he, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr dedicated the triumphant Bad to their good mate Michael Hutchence to mark the 22nd anniversary of the death of the INXS frontman in Sydney. Encouraging fans to join the tribute mid-song, he segued into Never Tear Us Apart as the sold out SCG crowd shone their camera torches in tribute….'

George Palathingal for Sydney Morning Herald : 
'Australia, count your blessings. Not just because the world's biggest rock band are touring but because U2 are here with their Joshua Tree show… U2's first smart move was to open the show with all four members performing on a runway deep into the crowd, without using the enormous screen behind them – so we were at first made to watch the band rather than the spectacle… Here's Larry Mullen jnr, pounding out the righteous march of Sunday Bloody Sunday. There's Adam Clayton with the first of many simple but iconic bass lines (New Year's Day). And then Bad, with its aching heart given added poignancy as singer Bono points out this day was the anniversary of his friend Michael Hutchence's death, and so tries to fit INXS's Never Tear Us Apart to its melody… The spectacle soon followed, inevitably, with The Joshua Tree beautifully mounted with Anton Corbijn's evocative visuals providing the backdrop as the band played it in order in its entirety….'


@paulcochrane : 'It takes a fuckin good album to be able to release it and then play it to sell out venues world wide 32 years later. Bravo @U2'

@gregoryjclarke 'I can hear the concert from my backyard in Botany Bay! 'Run like a river to the sea' 

@maxtsukino 'I am still enchanted / by the light you brought to me... this may be one of the most beautiful tributes to a friend, ever...'

Maria Lowenstein : 'First time to see the boys, brilliance comes to mind. Very moving as was the tribute to the late Michael Hutchence and INXS, it brought shivers and a tear of respect and gratitude to you all. Am listening to The Joshua Tree CD again today with different eyes. Loved every minute of the show'

Sally Ryan : 'A brilliantly spectacular concert both musically and visually. U2 delivered several moving and emotional tributes to the amazing Michael Hutchence on the anniversary of his tragic death. Travelled from Melbourne for this especially, as INXS were my favorite band whom I saw many times. Thank you U2 for adding even more wow moments and memories to a wonderful evening'.

xrayjets : 'Holy Moly what a show. U2 delivered. Sydney delivered'
mich40 : 'The show was absolutely epic. I felt like Bono was singing his heart out for Michael Hutchence. It was definitely one of the most special shows I've been at. . '
Julesjcg : 'Great show.  My first experience in general admission. I'd never go back into seats now… Couldn't believe the location we were able to snag, maybe 4m to the right of the small stage and then a great view of the main stage'.  
kings : Been a fan since 84. Seen the boys live about 20 times now. Last night's performance was on the podium of best ever I've seen. Just magnificent. They give so much, particularly Bono. No way are they winding things down'.

'Rain is gonna glue us all together for an epic night of rock and roll'

'There is such a thing as the Australian spirit… we met 100 fire fighters the other day, men & women, volunteers…leaving their homes and families to protect other people's homes and families. They felt like the Australian spirit alright.'

'We interrupt this broadcast for some Hillbilly Harmonica playing!' ('I Trip Through Your Wires' intro)

'Don't know if this is an argument with myself… or him' (for Michael Hutchence, during intro to 'Stuck In A Moment')

'Devil Inside' by INXS snippeted in the outro section of Vertigo

Here's the complete set list and if you were at the SCG tonight, tell us all about it. 

Add your own review and photos below.





    Bad in Mumbai - Give Peace A Chance...
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    What a night...!!
    Up close and personal in the Red Zone...
    Still In Awe
    It was the most amazing concert. Bono's voice is so powerful and inspiring and Larry, Adam and The Edge have such a unique and electrifying live sound. I had tears in my eyes and it only took 30 seconds of Larrys drums beating out Sunday Bloody Sunday. Thank you U2 for making a dream come true. I have been a devoted fan since the age 12 when I first saw the Gloria film clip. Still my favourite song. There is no other band like U2 and none as passionate. My only dream left is to one day have the pleasure of meeting U2.........who says you cant dream and what a dream it is.
    Electrical Storm
    Shortly after arriving at the Sydney Cricket Ground for Night 1 in Sydney of the Joshua Tree Tour 2019, a storm approached. Had U2 brought some much needed rain from Ireland? I turned my phone towards the sky and thought, "...if the sky can crack..." and sure enough it did! What a way to start an amazing night.
    First saw the band when I was 16, in Melbourne. I am now 51 !! Stupidly I sold my Melbourne tickets, then had serious regret. Flew up to Sydney, concert was amazing. I loved being on the floor, the BEST atmosphere. These guys have still got it, if anything they have got better with age. Loved Bono’s vocals on Every Breaking Wave. PLEASE don’t wait another 9 years.
    Under a Smoky, Cloudy Sydney Sky
    My second show on the 2019 Joshua Tree tour and almost 26 years to the day since my first U2 concert in Sydney as a fresh faced teenager, (which was immortalised on screen). The rain magically stopped shortly before U2 hit the stage and it was another brilliant show, although not as special as being in the Red Zone. Loved the emotionally charged tributes to Michael Hutchence in Bad and Stuck in a Moment - such a tragic loss. Thanks for finally bringing this tour to Australia - it was worth the wait!
    Best fan involvement ever!
    Bringing Marco up on stage was the best ! That guy never fails in his enthusiasm for the band, the show and the fans!
    Taking it to the Adelaide Crowd
    The boys back in Adelaide Action, great show, great night in the city of Churches
    Travelling from Toronto, Canada
    It will be a long flight, but it will be worth it!
    Play these PLEASE!!!
    ‘The Miracle of Joey Ramone’ & Raised by Wolves'. PLEASE, include these in your second set. ‘The Miracle of Joey Ramone’ & Raised by Wolves'. ‘The Miracle of Joey Ramone’ & Raised by Wolves'. ‘The Miracle of Joey Ramone’ & Raised by Wolves'. Best...songs...ever!
    two GA tickets for the Sydney sold out g
    Actually we had planned a trip through NZ and Australia and wanted to make the trip with concert visits in Auckland and Sydney to something even more special. Unfortunately everything changed and we will not be able to travel. I would like to pass on the tickets to true fans - so whoever likes to see the band on Friday 22 Nov 2019 at the SYDNEY CRICKET GROUND leave me a message.
    The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) - PLEASE! P
    I will be bringing my kids to their first U2 concert on Friday 22 November Sydney. My son is 7 and my daughter is 9. Their favourite song is ‘The Miracle of Joey Ramone’. Please, please, please include this in your setlist.
    日本から、シドニー公演参戦いたします。 楽しみです。
    Richard gregg glos
    I my lord ,red zone ticket got check ,flight tickets tomorrow,here we come oz ,wonder if I’m the only Gloucester uk person going lol ,so lucky ,hope me cousin loves the show as much as me .
    Texans Take Over Sydney
    We are coming! If you do not have tickets, get them! It’s the greatest show on earth. How many chances do you get to see the greatest rock band in the world? Elvis is gone. The Beatles are gone. The Rolling Stones are not all here. We’ve seen them in America and Europe. Go!
    Coming from San Francisco, California
    So excited for the upcoming Australia tour!
    Great presale
    Well the presales always work out well, but that was the quickest ever. I had to wake up at 1.55am to be ready. Got my RZ for SYdney and was lying down back to sleep a couple of minutes after 2am! Been dying to see U2 play in Australia for ages now. I had tickets for 4 concerts there on the Vertigo tour, but they postponed those shows and I missed out as I couldn't make the rescheduled dates. So looking forward to it now. Flights booked yesterday.
    U2 @ Sydney - A Sort Of Homecoming?
    Was there for Live Under Australian Skies, Popmart, Vertigo, 360 and now JT2019... Decisions decisions on VIP, RED Zone or GA??? Bring it on...
    Decisions decisions
    Celebrate my daughter’s 18th birthday on 22 Nov with her or go to see U2 ... guess it’s U2 then! Sorry Erin x
    John Plumb
    Yipppppeee! Have been waiting years to see 'THE BAND'. Almost 40 years supporting the band and still going strong.
    Yeah Baby!!!!!
    Sydney for U2
    Can't wait, anxiety setting in just in case I can't get a ticket.
    Sidney, here i come!
    Joshua Tree 30 - Best show ever!
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