Songs Of Innocence

In the studio recording Songs Of Innocence
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I am so very excited!
I am 50 years old, I am going to Chicago to see U2 June 29th, in a VIP package, omg I am ecstatic, elated and overwhelmed. I ADORE this record. I adore U2, and I have since I was a girl in highschool. The Songs of Innocents is the best yet. I find myself singing the tunes over and over again in my head and sometimes out loud, :) You are my very favorite band and always a pleasure to hear anything new from you! Love Terri
Loved it
Every bit of it. I listened to it for free when it first came out in that format, but i knew i wanted the real deal, the CD. So i bought it too. I like all the stuff that buying a CD gives you. The artwork, the lyrics, or whatever. I would encourage EVERYONE who got it for free to also go buy it to show our support for this kick ass band!!! I read 26 million copies downloaded for free, so the push is on to U2 fans, buy it as well. Oh and the alternative "sleep like a baby tonight" should be their next single, as well as Cedarwood Road on the first disc. Cheers boys, looking forward to seeing you live again here in Phoenix!
VOLCANO my favorite! minha favorita VOLC
I love you guys! And Volcano is the best for me now! rs...
Love the new album guys, my favorite song...VOLCANO!
Cedarwood Road
This song has a hardRock-edge sound to it, almost Psychedelic 70's grove to it ? U2 unleashes the war dogs of sound onto Main Street!!!!
Jon Halliday
Please keep mixing that paint guys !
So cool to get these historic snippets, an insight as to how these great songs evolve into what we know and love. Songs with amazing lyrics that complement our lives, adding depth and feeling to our emotions - and so often trigger precious memories. Privileged to be given access to this amazing material. Diolch in fawr - U2 am byth !!
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