The Joshua Tree

One Tree Hill


20 March, 2011
please add it
I agree this would be amazing to see in the 360 setlist as I've not seen them do it for a long, long time. It would be great to have this followed by Bad. a dream for me too, Watermark.
13 April, 2010
My Joshua
For me the best there is! For all my memories to him..
10 March, 2010
Beautiful tribute
I have always loved this song. Powerful vocals and lyrics with beautiful music. The band played this on the Vertigo tour in Australia for Greg Carroll's family.
12 February, 2010
Music at its greatest
This song encapsulates everything that music can do positive for the human spirit. Lyrically it is poetry without peer and the soaring music invokes emotion even after countless listens. I too wish it would be added into 360 playlist - Along with "All I Want is You" and "Bad".
23 January, 2010
one of the best...
...songs by U2 in my opinion. It would be a dream come true if they played it during 360!
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