All That You Can't Leave Behind

Walk On (All That You Can't Leave Behind)
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by the way... I hope one of these days they play if God will send his angels live in chicago in the future... One can always hope...
Thanks for this video
having been a runaway when i was younger, this video really moved me. I spent about 4 yrs as a runaway in nyc. I am now in my mid30s, but this video makes me well up in tears every time i see it. I bought the 18 video dvd so i can watch it when i need a cathartic release. I am only now processing what has happened but i find this song to be a healing one. As well as if God will send his angels,(where do we go?) which meant the world to me when i first left nyc and returned back to Chicago. The reason why i am a grateful fan. Subrosa. -anna
So nice !!!
Love to hear and hear it again !! freedom !!!!!!
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