Window In the Skies


18 January, 2016
Just Wonderful
Has to be one of the best music videos of all time. Even if you don't like the song or U2 much (I happen to love both) the tribute to musical performance is enough to make anyone emotional.
07 August, 2014
I wish they would play this live....it would be remarkable!!!!
04 July, 2013
U2 makes a window in the skies...
This song and video are absolutely beautiful! It really does open up a 'window in the skies'. It reinspires a person to get out there and do what they love, even what they've forgotten they love. U2, you're beautiful geniuses!
14 September, 2012
* ____*
06 January, 2012
One of the best...
...U2 songs and a great video.
Joice Yoshimura
01 December, 2010
there is not a single time in which i watch this video without crying. i wish they played this song on the current tour.
26 May, 2010
Please put on DVD
I love, love, LOVE this video and song and would love to view it on my TV rather than having it cut off to buffer in on my computer. Very annoying. Please put this one on the next DVD -- maybe as an extra. Anything...I beg of you!! I watch all your DVD's all the time...well, I put them in while I'm cleaning and crank the surround sound up LOUD...makes chores much more fun! Then it's a bonus to actually clean in the room with the TV so I can WATCH you all in action. You have no idea how much more fun you all make my life. God Bless!!
Judy Bird
27 April, 2010
Love this version of the video too! I wish it was available on itunes.
05 April, 2010
What a brilliant video! I love how U2 ends up in the audience. Speaks true to their ability to connect to and be part of the audience whilst, celebrating their respects in humble fashion.
04 April, 2010
One of the best videos of all time
All those people united by music and love for their favourite artists, Incredibly well synched absolute genius. They leave a whole I meant to say they leave a hole in our hearts but My fingers twice typed whole so indeed they leave a whole lot of love behind
Mike Rutter
25 March, 2010
very clever
this is such a cool and clever video. I love it
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