The Best of 1980-1990

New Year's Day


18 February, 2013
Love at First Sight
From the first time I heard this song and the first time I watched this video it has been my favorite!
15 September, 2012
Everything in 4 minutes
The first time I heard this song my family was living 3000 miles from home in a 2 bedroom apartment while my dad was in the hospital dying. Of course at 16 I didn't think he would really die and this song was both the heartbreaking truth that life can be cold and yet still have incredible hope. U2 has ALWAYS had that resonance in me and is why they are my "I am happy and want to sing" and "I am sad and want to cry" soundtrack. Whatever they come up with now and forever they will connect me to the world.
10 August, 2012
New Year's Day Spring of '83
I remember sitting in geometry class, Mrs Olinger..She looked exaclty like Roy Oribison...I do not lie). My older sister had bought the single and was playing it constantly with the Police's 'Ghosts in the Machine' LP (that means Long Play, by the way!)...Back to geometry...Howard Blazard and I had a conversation about how new fresh and cool U2's War LP was, esp. New Year's Day...the first song of theirs I ever heard. I was about 14...almost 15? I think...Good memories at a difficult age in life.
21 April, 2011
Pound 4 pound one of the best songs ever done
01 January, 2011
New Year Day
Despite the sadness of seeing that nothing changes on new year's day, the song brings the untold hope of change that will be brought tomorrow
31 December, 2010
It's New Year's Day... right now... and nothing changes on New Year's Day.
07 July, 2010
(will you be back tomorrow)
Woke up 12:00 in the after noon runing late got to get to you soon you were gone, so I waited bad news soon to come some days are sad others worse, loseing you so soon ,you said to me will you be back tomorrow runing to you your not there, to meet me I still run down that same street where I once found love where I once found you now that love gone away above to stay In heavens sky I can still hear you say to me will you be back to tomorrow Kerie D. Wheat (91) In memory of Robert Scocco (My summer love of 91)
01 July, 2010
New Years Day
In the world we live in today, this is the most beautifully depicted song.
23 May, 2010
bobbie & new years day
I saw this video when my friend Tonya called me and told me my boyfriend Bobbie past away,he had been a drowning accident day after my 14 birthday. new years day is a personal song & video to me with out u2 I wouldn't be here.
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