No Line On The Horizon

Get On Your Boots
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Get on your boots
in caos, but we still live!
Music hot, sexy and Innovative!
get on your boots
great video, great sound. reminds me of some imposed images style from the 80´s. the band looks great rockn and rolln!!! Yeap
its crazy song,very good.people like satelites,thats bigest joke...I am with one beer and u2...thank you all bye
The sexiness of boots is purely subjecti
I know this 'cause when the dog is sitting by the door waiting to go outside to do his business--he's not the least bit concerned about me taking extra time to lace up or zip boots. You would be surprised how easy it is to distract neighbors wearing gum rubber boots and whatever else you happen to grab quickly. Humor can be sexy too right?
We Are all made of stars and boots!
This is one of U2's best ever videos! It ROCK!'s me to the moon!!!!!!! Nobody seeems to get it-he he I think it may be a history reference to Germanicus's son's "little boots". Who knows this still e the Age of Obama for America and my Art History is San Francisco and being born in 1965 the year Eno realized the 'Musical Possiblibes" of the Tape Recorder. May be we should all swhich back to ANALOG................ my spelling should stand correction in worth and deed.
Just love it.... GO U2!!! ^^
sexy just don't know you don
This is my favorite video of any U2 video (and I've seen most of them) or any other bands' video. It is so thought out, creative, interesting, colorful, and fun!! It is a very serious song and the video is perplexing and makes you think! The Boot industry has for sure increased sales from this video....
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