Elevation 2001 / U2 Live From Boston DVD

Elevation Tour - The Fly


14 April, 2011
The Fly
I love live version's of u2 but of all the live version's i have heard of the fly i have to say that this one and the one at the zoo tv show are the best i have hear so far WE LOVE U U2
19 July, 2010
Lost and Found
What a fantastic video and yet another example of U2 being absolutely 'on fire' and having the capacity to make us all 'lose' ourselves in the moment. Thanks, made my day and totally energised me as always!
18 July, 2010
this is amazing!.... so much energy ...and reinventing a song that was great before.....The Fly is a signpost for me...going back to first hearing Achtung Baby.... the lead guitar is mesmerising..... cheers rowey australia
18 April, 2010
It's No Secret. . .
This is the best version of "The Fly" ever!!
10 April, 2010
Best. Version. Ever.
Hands down.
20 March, 2010
I wish...
...that U2 would put this live version on iTunes. I love the intro and the less techno-ish, more rockin' sound they put on it.
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