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A Day in the Life of Edge 1
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Noted down
Thanks Edge for the hint on Angiogenesis. I think it's something precious they're doing. As to the rest.. well it's worthy the subscription alone.. :-) Viva Wales :-)
What a Laugh.... Wish I was there!!
Great Behind the scenes Footage
This is so fun to watch and too funny. I love The Edge and Bono. I love U2. This is a great behind the scenes look at what the members of the band do when they are not on stage.
Funny Stuff!
Hilarious! Love it! The comments The Edge gave Bono while waking up: CLASSIC!
I don't want to be on the news, mam, you want to be on the news! Classic.
Love It!
Its fucking half 8 ! What are you doin!?!? :) hahah
I would give anything to hang out with these two mates for a bit on Miami Beach! Love that they are still so cool and downto earth despite being part of the greatest band in the world.- Sue
What a morning! Definitely too early for The Edge! I think he doesn´t enjoy waking up that way very much. ..I always love U2´s sense of humour! And with the Blackberry Yoga The Edge shows us how to do different things at the same time. This is multitasking, isn´t it?
Waking up The Edge was a great Idea Bono, Just tell him that, YES, he is of course a Musician Celebrity, he's the pounding heart of U2. *I Loved the Yoga**
On the Edge
Funny! Great idea giving Bono the Camera. It's always enjoyable watching friends engaged in casual banter. Good Show!
The Edge
I LOVE this video. Thanks so much for allowing us to see the playfulness between The Edge and Bono. Only true friends would allow each other in as they are waking up in the morning...although I am quite sure that Bono will just pop in at any time. Look out The Edge! The wonderful friendship between these two is quite amazing. I also really enjoyed the comedic side of The Edge. It's great to see them both as real mates.
Edge Exercising
I wanna see Bono exercise too!!
Hahahaha. Another funny and great video. The Edge exercising is marvellous. Haha. And Bono laughing. Hilarious.
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