Opening Night - Chicago
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I Am in This Video
One of the best moments ever to meet The Edge and Larry that day. Just dumb luck and perfect timing to be in the front row and shake the hand of the best guitar player in history. Even better, the next day we met Bono. After 20 years of wanting to meet this man, my dream came true. They are real guys with genuine hearts for their fans. Thank you for greeting us and autographing my "BONO" handbag. It is my treasure.
Someone Help !
Which version of Magnificent is this playing in the background. It is awesome ! Where can I find it ?
What Hotel does U2 stay in?
What is the hotel in this video?????
hey i was at this show
one of the best evenings of my life went out to dinner with great friends then went to see the best band ever you could not ask for more.
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