Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
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The Best Song
Sadly they didn't sing this song in the 360° Tour while they were in Mexico Luckily they released From The Ground Up and I can hear this amazing song live
OMG my favourite video
i love this video, its one of my all time favourite!!!! I love how batman is like Bono in every way!! any one noticed the book, The Screwtape Letters, I LOVE THAT BOOK, HOPE BONO DOES TO!!! :)
Macphisto v.s The Fly
What a match!
Great Memories !
This is when the U2 gang decided to be everywhere on American TV.
Ric Mondragon
Riddle Me This...????????????
Love this song! Great dramatic vocals Bono. Loved it live on the POPMART Tour and would love to see it on the new Bat Cave 360 stage! Bring it to us again... "Of course you're not shy..."
This song needs to be played on the 360 stage!
Fly or Glide?
Does Batman fly or glide? Hold me Thrill me Kiss me Kill me Everyday...sooo Gotham City... U2 360 round two...Meet you in the Bat Cave : ).
..so what..
check out the video at 02:58!!!. "so poor, so righteous, so honest, so what..." brilliant line..
Bono is like a bat and Batman.
He's got super hearing and can detect special waves of sound. He has another persona that he wears. He fights injustice He works best at night He isn't afraid of the dark he finds it quite comforting. he has a very large cave He is surrounded by protective gadgets (but these gadgets are actually other life forms) He saves people He wants to rescue the world - from itself He is not what you expect We will never know who he really is We will never meet him
cool vid
cool video and great song
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