U2 360° Tour 2010

Arriving on stage in Athens
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From Lebanon
Athens Show was Great!... watching U2 live was really amazing... it was my best night ever! Greatest band of all time...
Incredible(Band) people
It was just the best night in Athens ever!I will follow!We are waiting you during next tour!
Still under influence of the concert
Athens, was wonderful I'm glad i was there, but a lot of my friends could not make it to Athens . Please Shedule Bugaria the next time! we are whaiting ...
..Please come back again...
...U2 ..."THE MAGNIFICENT"....I feel blessed that i was there together with 70.000 people...@oaka to share a magnificent evening !!!!! thanks 2U guys...!!!!! please come back!!!!
No words to says "Goodbye"
I am a 38 yrs old musician/magician and having seeing every major band in Greece & Europe including Pink Floyd in Athens, i was waiting for the next KING to come..and they are here.U2..and they will stay...for many years...there are the only thing you must see before u dye happy!!!!! Magnificent night!!!Magic night!!!!! Music,Magic,Peace Dionysios Goulimis www.streetmagic.gr
Athens 03.09.2010
Seen them twice Greatest Band Still Rocking...... amazing feelings, amazing vibes, amazing concert.............!!!!!!!!
Americans In Athens
My wife & I traveled from California to see U2 in Athens Greece on September 3rd. What an amazing show! It was incredible hearing 60,000+ fans all singing in unison to every single song. This was my 12th time seeing the boys and it gets better every time. Can't wait for the band to return to Anaheim California in June! Peace, Larry Wohrman
Zürich 2nd show
After 25 years and more than 65 concerts with U2. Thank you to the world's best "rain-band," because when the sun anyone can!
Best show of Leg 2
Athens show was the best of 2010 european leg ! Great show, great crowd, great place for a concert !
is there time...
Unforgetable night, feelings and thoughts! You are always in our Heart ! Looking forward to see you again!
Athens forever
What a night, what a noise crowd!!!!!!! And as like Bono said WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
If the ancient greek gods would have come down and played they sure would have played like U2 in Athens!
Four Irish boys still rocking the world!
It was 1997....now in 2010 we get the chance to see you guys again!!.. Despite the fact that some of us got married and had children during this period... Nothing changed!! When U2 comes to your country... You know Magic happens!!!.. Can't wait to see you guys again!!
best ever band intro!!
a simple but...breathtaking intro of the u2 band at athens olympic stadium...to start! david bowie's song, "space oddity" was the right song for the right moment of the show!!! speechless........
Magnificent night!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amazing video!!! Is there a way to embed it to my blog? Or even download it?
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