U2 360° Tour 2010 - New Zealand/Australia

The band arrive for Sydney, show 2
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there is always to tell and tell
brilliant new venue , Fez being born and around it is only love!
the band arrive for Sidney- Show 2
run in the traffic, over a majestic bridge with a suggestive and introspective Fez 'song accompanying and arrival with a sunny welcome by hot fans.
cool of bono
awesome moment for some lucky fans!!!!
"The sisters"
to "bonosbabe2" Sorry - Bono mentioned "the sisters" just before he sang "All I want is you "- he meant us cause we met him outside that night before the show and we sparked his memory when he met us at the love town tour and the song - "All I want is you" was for us! But we are happy to share the love! The 5 sisters (and 1 brother) - loving u2 for 30 years!!
Biggest band in the world...
And still care about their audience! Awesome to see Bono not just signing autographs but actually talking to people as well. Wish I was one of them! Great concerts, guys, thanks so much!! Come back to Sydney soon!
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