Staring At The Sun (POP)
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i like this very much
I love how they all look like South American or Cuban drug lords trying to make it big in Miami in this video, LOL! Bono is obviously the big boss, Edge and Larry are his enforcers, and Adam is the Consiglieri who is quietly biding his time and waiting for the perfect time to wipe them all out and take things over! Look at the picture of them on the back of the greatest hits album and this is what you will see. Makes me smile :)
staring at the sun
pictoresque and irony video to me. Sunny song , one of my favourite:)
I love this song because it reminds me of the beach and the video is shot at budget hotels which is exactly what my beach vacations look like. This song smells like sand, surf and coopertone lotion.
most creative
I absolutely love this video! It makes me laugh and want to go out and have fun. POP has to be the most underrated season in U2's career.
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