U2 360° Tour 2011

U2360° Returns to North America
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Its not a bad thing
If the sets have old and new I think it is a great thing. This will be my 5th time seeing them and the same songs get boring but I always bring someone new to the show so I hope for some of the old songs that people that dont listen to them will know.
What happened?
Sorry but the 1st leg of the 360 tour was more daring,the setlist was much more interesting..more songs from NLOTH like Breathe and Unknown Caller and fantastic classics like Unforgettable Fire...it had been ages since that song was played...why shelve it so soon....why has Ultraviolet started being played less than Hold Me Kill Me Kiss Me Kill Me....quite frankly this version of the 360 tour just seems like U2 by numbers...going through the motions..hope the setlist changes for the better
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