U22 - 22 Live Tracks from U2360

U22 - The Fly
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The Fly
I love the footage of The Fly. Although I can't seem to find myself with the fast camera pan. Either way I was very pleased to find one track from the Lansing show. Awesome!
My life
The Fly is the song of my life
U2 From Spartan Stadium - 2011
Lovei it!! Just noticed 'The Fly" video is from Spartan Stadium in East Lansing. Great show. Loved it!! Hope it is on the video that will be released.
When can I plan on getting my copy in the mailbox??
Hello over there!!!
Is it my imagination, or the enthusiasm and anticipation for U22? I can't stop writing comments, this one for instance makes me think what you guys see when you're in a concert, all of us there. That was a hell of a stadium, it seems a far could not fit in there, so crowded.
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