The Joshua Tree

09 March, 198713
  1. Where The Streets Have No NameLyrics
  2. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking ForLyrics
  3. With Or Without YouLyrics
  4. Bullet The Blue SkyLyrics
  5. Running To Stand StillLyrics
  6. Red Hill Mining TownLyrics
  7. In God's CountryLyrics
  8. Trip Through Your WiresLyrics
  9. One Tree HillLyrics
  10. ExitLyrics
  11. Mothers of the DisappearedLyrics

The release of The Joshua Tree saw the band on the cover of Time Magazine billed as 'Rock's Hottest Ticket.' In Sweden, copies of The Joshua Tree were pressed in yellow, pink and red vinyl with sleeves similar to the UK. In Mexico, a limited edition CD was released as part of the Serie Millennium re-issues with a different picture sleeve. In 1999, The Joshua Tree CD was re-issued with the clear band photo that appeared on the original vinyl LP rather than the blurred picture on the initial CD release.
The Joshua Tree entered the US album charts at No.7 and reached No. 1 three weeks later. It was U2's first album to reach No.1 in the United States. In 1999, The Joshua Tree was awarded the RIAA's highest certification, Diamond, with 10 million units sold. The album also peaked at No.1 on the UK, Canadian, West German, Dutch and Australian charts. In Switzerland, the album reached No.1 on the charts and stayed there for a total of 33 weeks. The album and sleeve cover also placed No. 1 in Rolling Stone magazine's annual Music Awards chosen by readers. Critics at Rolling Stone made it No. 2 album of the year. U2 also won Best Rock Performance By A Group Or Duo at the Grammy Awards for The Joshua Tree. Production Credits Produced and Engineered: Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno Additional Engineering: Dave Meegan with Pat McCarthy Studio: Windmill Lane, Dublin Ireland Mixed by: Steve Lillywhite Recorded by: Flood

Released Date:
09 March, 1987
Produced By:
Produced and Engineered: Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno
Additional Engineering: Dave Meegan with Pat McCarthy
Island Records
Recorded At:
Windmill Lane, Dublin Ireland
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'A lot of the songs were ones that were recorded in Larry's spare bedroom or Adam's living room. When the red light's on we often don't respond to it. When we're just left to be, left to make music our own way, well some of the tracks are almost like demos. We had to fight to make them work and there were a lot of songs left over. It could have gone off in a number of different directions. We wanted the idea of a one-piece record, not a side-one, side-two thing.

Bono, March 1987

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Amor Mundi: last call
Underground Oldenzaal town, I?am ready for what is next U2! I listen to The Joshua Tree this evening in my own (Sometimes You can’(t) make it on your own. And it’s sound perfect: amazing! Take me higher U2: We? gonna make it, the long way to the light! Love and light my way to the underground of Vertigo. .. ... 14:40. Miss You Sugar. Detlev Lassche for the Vertigo Hunter. (Jezus)
Whaou !!!
A So Good Album !!! Thank You U2 !!!
Great album
What a surprise that U2 after 30 years this album was taking on tour. I bought tickets for Amsterdam, Dublin, Brussels and Glendale Phoenix Arizona. Songs before the JT, The Joshua Tree and finally songs after the JT. Thanks to Larry, Adam, Edge, Bono and the U2-crew for making this tour with a big screen behind. Greetings from Belgium.
LOOOOVVVVEEEE! I can feel it! thank you for bringing it! All you need is love and all you have to do is sing!! It so easy to see just look to the night sky!!
happy birthday
30 years since release. wow
My birthday and The Joshua Tree to!!! Ma
My favorite album!!! <3
My birthday and The Joshua Tree to!!! Ma
My birthday and The Joshua Tree to!!! March, 9 th, 2016 My favorite album!!! <3
My favorite album of all time!
I know you probably hear this a lot, but I was in college when this album came out. You know the feeling! Off on your own for the first time, exploring music, people, ideas, and not really knowing which way was right for you. I heard Where the Streets have no Name and I was hooked! U2 became and still is my favorite band! I still turn to JT when I need a clarification of who I am! Thank you for your music! It has been my mainstay for a long time and it always will.
With or without you la più bella canzone mai scritta. Love you Bono Vox.
Joshua tree album, to me
Joshua Tree ' Album, it is all about music , chords and words are in harmony, and it magnifies in each song. Guitar has a leading role in this album, new brilliant parts, voice is sailing in new waters, drums and bass guitar are complementary. It is a light dark album. 'I believe in the Kingdom Come Then all the colours will bleed into one Bleed into one. But yes, I'm still running. ( I still haven't found what i am looking for') . Eleven tracks and each song is a miliar stone in this path, the band is in phase of ascent. 'I wanna run, I want to hide I wanna tear down the walls That hold me inside. I wanna reach out And touch the flame Where the streets have no name.'( Where the streets have no name). The senses have been amplified. 'In the wind we hear their laughter In the rain we see their tears. Hear their heartbeat, we hear their heartbeat.'( Mothers of disappeared).
Thank you
Thank yo Guys It was a big thrill!! your roadies was fantastic absolutly, i worked with your guys, to take out the stage after the show saturday at the hippodrome of Montreal, i was a local crew: carp. I saw the show your are amazing!!! It was a dream. This guys are the Machine Congratulation at your Roadies cool guys! and realy sympathic. Sylvano
This is the one that hooked me forever..
This CD has been in every car I have ever owned, and stayed in the one with a multi-disk. This is the album that started my love affair with U2!
The Joshua Tree is a masterpiece. The quality and the strenghth of the songs is superb. A true, incomparable and unique piece of music history
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