'A Day In The Life Of The Edge'

15 Apr 202038

'A Day In The Life Of The Edge'

Miami, 2005, on the Vertigo Tour, and early one morning Bono breaks into Edge's hotel room. 

While he's still fast asleep.

He's here to shoot 'A Day In The Life Of The Edge' for Current TV but Edge doesn't want to be on the news.

Bono will not be dissuaded and spends the day trailing the guitarist from wake-up call to showtime, from beach to rigorous personal fitness regime. 

'I like to exercise once or twice... every four to eight weeks.' 

With more of us working from home and socially distancing, we'll be resurfacing special content from the depths of the site… and the length of the band’s career.

Enjoy watching… and  tell us what you think in the comments below.






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Love Love Love ❤ U2
Once every 4 to 8 weeks :)
This is so funny and such a cool, funny behind the scenes look. Thanks for doing this. The Edge is a lot like me, exercising every four to eight weeks lol! Kindred spirit. Thanks for the laughs and hope you are all staying healthy and safe. Much love from Rhode Island. xoxo Jen
Funny and insightful
Thank you for these great videos! In these hard times it feels good to have some fun by watching Bono´s entertaining films. The Edge appears as such a friendly, relaxed and down-to-earth person. His sense of humour is heartwarming and he does some yoga exercises really well. I enjoy seeing how much fun he has when he meets fans or plays guitar on the beach. His laptop reveals his great involvement in initiatives like Music Rising and it´s interesting to watch Dallas and Edge trying some things on stage. There are some amazing sequences offering impressions of backstage areas like the wardrobe with clothing, footwear and nice personal photographs. Stay safe and healthy.
Blackberry Days!
Wow. Blackberries. How times change. Also, good to see Music Rising reference. Best line though ... clearly ... "It's ******* Half-past 8!" Love it. Glad The Edge eventually cooperated and didn't go after Bono. ;) Hope the band stays healthy. Blessings and peace to all.
Thank you!! for Much needed mirth!
Kim Ballingham
So funny and light. Just what I needed!
Brenda N
Hot Lips
I was sitting here fed up then I turned on these 3 videos and boy did they make me laugh
Nurse from Maine
I am a home health nurse working in these very difficult times… This video made me laugh and smile thank you so much!
Great memories!
Always good to see all about you guys! ❤️
Is that all?
To see this video makes me angry I'm not angry with you To see this video makes me happy I'm not happy with you To see this video makes me dance Is that all? Is that all you got for us? (keep.them.coming.please)
A day in the life of The Edge
Really loved watching it was good on site and funny in many parts. Just what we needed to keep us entertainment in the lock down. Keep safe fellow U2 fans
Mr. The Edge
I love how it's always "tThe Edge," never just "Edge."
Edge have hair too!!!
Great video!!! Keep safe!! Stronger than fear!!
Oh the mischief that was not caught in this feature! Things like this always remind me how much I love the ways you connect with your fans. A great escape for these intense times. Would ❤️ to see more; past, present and future. Keep them coming!
I could watch this over and over and over again!!!! I LOVE it!!!
we need more video streamings
Please, add more streamings
Thank you for the laughs
This was so much fun. Now looking up Irish Yoga. :D
Superb video
It’s incredible to see how everything happens through your eyes. Thank you for sharing this with us. Stay safe and take care.
Missed a career...???
A beautiful documentary… Hey Bono you missed a career...as a moviemaker. Wonderful work guys !
LoL like a modern VLOG
Edge is really funny. Thanks for the videos guys! We’re glad to see you!
The genius of the band
Great film, great tour. I Saw U2 in Vertigo tour in Barcelona and Lisboa, the last concert of the european leg. What a show!!! Please came back to Portugal in the Next tour.
Pleasantly Surprised!
I loved everything about these videos... the humor, the sarcasm, and the undeniable wit and charm of The Edge truly made my Friday morning, and I was even at that concert.
Big Nate
So cool
I'm slightly embarrassed to say that I've watched this quite a few times since it first aired. It's a fun little distraction.
Love you boys
Stay safe! Thank you for everything.
Loved it, nice to see Edge and Bono just being normal, that lifeguard was one lucky guy!
Antidote to lockdown blues in Glenageary
That was great fun. Full marks to Edge for his sense of humour so early in the morning. Bono there’s a best director gong waiting somewhere for you.
Poor ‘The Edge’
I think Bono was lucky not to kop one from ‘The Edge’ because I would have been very tempted to, had he done that to me. Obviously’The Edge’ has the patience of a saint.
The "best" docu about the Edge
I really like this video's. Really funny, laugh a lot. Hope they will be an extra on a dvd one day.
Dean Allison
Some unseen or unreleased stuff?
Would be great if we could get some gigs streamed that haven’t been released before, Stockholm 92, São Paulo 06, that sort of thing. Or some full live videos of songs instead of just the short clips of songs.
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