Achtung Baby - Choose Three

22 Dec 2021201

Achtung Baby: Choose Three

Hard as it is to believe, in November we marked the thirtieth birthday of Achtung Baby.

(Although not as hard to believe as it had been the month before, when we marked the fortieth birthday of October. )

Arriving a couple of years after the band had vowed to go away and 'dream it all up again',  Achtung Baby was a promise kept and the record was widely seen as a sonic and visual reinvention.

As Miriam Jonker posted on our earlier story, 'I loved this album from day one and it is still the album I listen to the most. Excellent capture of the zeitgeist at the time and a great reinvention of U2….'

Or as pawel_peczak added, 'No one has ever recorded anything like Achtung Baby before, after and ever after. It's a masterpiece. Reflects the whole generation. It's Yellow Submarine of the 1990's. Its new Europe, unified. It's personal story of love and divorce, love hurts, love loves emotional. It changed my entire life forever...'

But let's imagine you're making your own playlist of the band's finest songs and you can only choose THREE songs from any one album… what are the three songs from Achtung Baby that you could not live without? 

Vote for those three in our poll…  then tell us why in the comments below.

Achtung Baby

1. Zoo Station 
2. Even Better Than The Real Thing 
3. One 
4. Until The End Of The World 
5. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses 
6. So Cruel 
7. The Fly 
8. Mysterious Ways 
9. Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World 
10. Ultra Violet (Light My Way) 
11. Acrobat 
12. Love Is Blindness

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Never too late
3. ONE—because of its truth 2. Ultra Violet (Light My Way)—because of its hope 1. So Cruel—because of its ability to CRUSH
choose THREE songs
Until The End Of The World Ultra Violet (Light My Way) The Fly
Choose Three
One Until The End Of The World Ultra Violet (Light My Way) Acrobat
too late for the poll, and StacyS said it all! :)
only three, which is difficult
the whole album is excellent. I think I will choose them for moments that make me remember my life: 1.- One 2.- Ultraviolet (light my way) 3.- who is going to ride your wild horses?
Too late for the poll, but still...
As much as I love One, Acrobat for me is by far the best song here, it has gotten me through some days, both personal and professional. There is a really emotional, angry eloquence to this song. It just kicks all the asses and takes all the names. for me. UltraViolet is amazing, was great live on tour with Bono's laser coat. Wild Horses has such a longing attached to it for me, it is a real heart stealer.
My Three.Songs Worth
3. Ultraviolet. I great build up in the intro to a great rocker especially one for the open road. I'm surprised I haven't picked up more speeding fines with this one. 2. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses. The lyrics evoke elements of longing, desire, danger and something just out of reach. All good things in a solid balls out rocker. 3. One. When I heard the lyrics "Have you come here for forgiveness? Have you come to raise the dead? Have you come here to play Jesus? To the lepers in your head". I was blown away, and still am.
Three Songs
Even Better Than The Real Thing (I find myself singing these lyrics often) Until The End of the World (this hits me in the heart every time I hear it) Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World (for those times when you may have failed) XOXOXO
Best Achtung Baby songs
1st Ultra Violet 2nd Wild Horse 3rd The Fly
Auctung baby favorite songs
I love all the songs on this album but if I had to select 3 these would be it !) 0ne 2) Who's going to ride you wild horses 3) Mysterious Ways.
THREE songs
Zoo Station, Until The End of The World, Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World
My U2-3
Uno/One Dos/Even Better Than The Real Thing Tres/Until The End Of The World Honorable Award - Zoo Station, because of the way it rocked my ears the first time I listened to it.
My 3 Achtung Baby songs
1 - So Cruel 2- One 3 - Who's Gonna Ride your Wild Horses Looking forward to the live recording of So Cruel. Have attended 7 shows the past 34 years, and never heard this song performed live. Possibly my absolute favorite U2 song
Three songs from Achtung Baby that you
This is terribly hard but here goes: 1) Until The End of World - Makes the list thanks to all the amazing live performances. Larry's baseline is haunting, Edge is at his angriest yet melodic and the lyrics carry the impending doom that you realize is all around you and ending in a fury. 2) So Cruel - One of the most underrated in the the U2 catalog, sadly not performed enough live. The tragedy in this song can be lost in the melody and tone. The pain you can't quit always hurts the most. 3) One - Can't leave off one of the best songs ever written. Performed live, it brings it's own sense of spirituality that is unforgettable. There are few better - from anyone.
Acrobat, Even Better Than The Real Thing
Aaahhhh It's not really possible for me to choose 3 songs
3 best of Achtung baby
1/Ultra Violet, 2/Acrobat, 3/Love is blindness
Achtung Top Three
1. Zoo Station 2. Until The End Of The World 3. Even Better Than The Real Thing
Best 3 songs
Until the end of the world, the fly and ultra violet
Achtung Baby - top 3
1 One, 2 Even Better Than the Real Thing (preferably live or extended mixed versions), and 3 Ultra Violet. Bonus vote - Lady with the Spinning Head ;-)
Achtung y'all
The Fly Even Better Than The Real Thing Zoo Station Still one of the greatest albums ever recorded
Achtung Baby - Best 3 songs
1. One 2. Mysterious Ways 3. Even Better Than The Real Thing
Achtung baby
One, So cruel and Acrobat would be my choice. What a fantastic album! One of U2’s big footsteps in music history! Such strong lyrics, and the songs are just great!
Achtun g, achtun g:
New song s of healing ❤️‍
One ultraviolet who’s gonna ride your wi
I can’t do without
Has to be One, ultraviolet and love is blindness. Magical songs when played live.
Can't do this ...
One of the greatest albums ever, each song a masterpiece, impossible to pick three. With a gun to my head: Until the end of the world One Even better than the real thing
Then and now?
Happy to love and relove the album, as the songs seem to stay favourites but also appear to be more actual now, after a good period of life lived since the release. Love is Blindness The Fly Even better than the real thing if I have to choose. Love a good mix.
The best
My three favourites are: -One -Until The End Of The World -Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World
One, Mysterious Ways and Even Better Tha
My best three on this album by far.
Real Thing, Fly, Mysterious Ways
Nothing before or since has sounded like them. A whole new color of rock-n-roll.
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