'AHK-toong BAY-bi'

25 Oct 201120
Nine Inch Nails covering Zoo Station. Damien Rice performing One. Patti Smith taking on Until The End Of The World and The Killers making over Ultraviolet (Light My Way).

The December edition of Q magazine has one of the most collectable U2 gifts. Ever.  'AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered', an entire CD of great acts reimagining  Achtung Baby to mark its 20th anniversary. There's also a revealing and in-depth interview with the band in the magazine.

Easy to get hold of December Q  in the UK but we figured there might be some others of you around the world who'd like your own copy  - so we've got some in the U2.com store. Check out the tracklisting and order your copy.

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Thank you, I love it
Between x-mas and new years I finally received my own copy of the magazine and the CD in the mail. Wow, did it make my day!! I love every single tune on it!!! Especially So cruel by Depeche Mode, and Love is Blindness by Jack White! Thank you all artists performing such great songs with honour. A comment to Bono's question in the magazine interview where is says "why would people need another U2 album?", well here's the answer: -'cause U2 is the spiritual expression in our lifes and as life goes on we need more expressions! So please, make it happen!!!
more copies in the store!
looks like you found some more copies! thanks!
no cd in the us either
the issue of q is popping up on stand in nyc but without the cd! can u2.com or q print more copies? there is surely more demand!
No cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Q eindelijk bij de Bruna maar geen cd. Drie weken gewacht en niets. Nu maar downloaden. H
Thank you u2.com
Air-freighted copies of the mag I have seen in Sydney City DO NOT have CDs. I am now on my way to the U2 shop to order my copy. Thanks for having it available here for those who don't live in the UK & Ireland. S.
Available in Ireland
This can be bought in Ireland as well as the UK.
ahk -toong !
i like them all except, the even better re-mix and the fray's trying to throw your arms around the world.
Greg Astill
Does anyone know if we get the CD and Magazine.
This is what I say...
I'm getting this order because I'm more interested in reading the magazine as for the Cd??? I just don't know what to exspect??? I've heard all this stuff before??? and if you want to begin again??? That begins when you create something new... Like, " Turn off the dark... " that was awesome... begining again means to let go of the past and to start brandnew... If your not to tired??? But, I would think??? That you would never grow weary or old in this business when it comes straight from your heart??? right???
Not forgotten in Alabama
I live in the black hole of access to cool music & all things related to it! I'm so glad U2 thinks about people like me in the middle of nowhere. :)
Some really interesting covers
Definitely like the Patti Smith, Jack White, Depeche Mode, Garbage, Reznor, & Killers covers. On the other hand Snow Patrol's totally sexless Mysterious Ways is sadly predictable. Same with the Fray and Damien Rice. Dull as dishwater wallpaper music. Glasvegas = meh. There's already a loud bombastic version of Acrobat that's better—the U2 version. Also, would have liked to hear the fab Friday falsetto in The Fly. Oh well.
It's a very good tribute.
There are some great covers on here especially the Killers, Patti Smith, Jack White, Garbage and Depeche Mode. Surprisingly, my favourite track is Gavin Friday's take on The Fly. It's brilliant!!! Nine Inch Nails' Zoo Station and Snow Patrol's Mysterious Ways are very unusual - takes a while to get into them. One is dull though. Sorry Mr. Rice. A must have album for any U2 fan - just don't expect it to rival the original because it doesn't.
Not good
Im a big U2 fan but i agree with david kenny there is no passion or fire i have heard it once and thats it ( sorry)
Ohhh My...
Just can't wait to have mine!!! =D
Thank you!
Sweet! Thank you for making this available for purchase in the shop. I already bought mine via another online retailer, but I think it's awesome your doing this.
AHK-toong BAY-bi ....
Ordered my copy last sunday ... JUST can't WAIT !
Thanks, U2.com!
I have ordered my copy already. Great idea for fans outside the UK.
On my first listen it was good to hear the songs in a different style. I loved all the different versions espicially Patti Smith on Until the end of the world but the Damien Rice version of ONE was really dull.
David Kenny
Stick to the original and best
Don't buy this!!! The cover versions are lacklustre with no passion or fire. I wasted my money.
thanks for this!
Just ordered my copy! This is great, as I am pretty sure that I wouldn't find this locally in Newfoundland, Canada. I know that the stores carrying this mag here still have the August issue on the shelves and nothing beyond that! Well done, U2.com!
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