27 Oct 201113
'Ah this is Bongolese... this is how they write their songs.'

Making the new documentary to mark the 20th anniversary of Achtung Baby, Director Davis Guggenheim discovered how the band write their songs.

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one love
Music tells me a lot about someones character. by asking "what kind of music are you listening to?" i´ve made some of my greatest friends: all U2-lovers. :) My older sister introduced me to the Band when i started listening to Rock as a teenager. ever since the lyrics keep speaking to me. it is as if there is the same spirit, unveiling to me (and my friends) secrets i didn´t know about_very personal things about Life and God an me inbetween in all... i love the way Bono writes poeticly and yet simple_ about these things i often don´t find the words for. some songs are prophetic... like a hint_ that makes me stop and drop what i do and wait and watch with my heart. through all this, many of the songs became "best friends". i feel understood and home by listenin to them. when i married my True Love, we chose "when all i want is you" after the vow and my brother and his band sang it in a beautiful way. it is not, that i´m "crazy" about U2, it is not the blind idolizing and going nuts for everything they say or do, but more and more a life-long friendship and Love. as if our hearts are beating for the same things, but they have found the perfect expression for, to make it heard. God bless you, U2, as you are blessing me. thank you!
We're One
(I bow to you, Davis G! U2 are like family to my heart and you gave me/us all more than a glimpse into their collective souls. Well done. ) To witness "Mysterious Ways" give birth to "One", to me, was nothing short of divine intervention. The product of love, hate, longing, despair, desperation - all in the name of genuine love of music and one another. "From the Sky Down", by way of "Divincidence". Love you guys! mb <><
Watching again this morning for the 3rd time! I love listening to the way the whole band comes together to create! The songwriting process is just fantastic!! Great movie...can wait for my uber deluxe edition now....I'm going crazy!!!
u2 u2 u2 always
we want this band for ever,,we want this film,,,u2 is simply the best band all time,,come on boys we want a new record,,achtung baby the best,,love from portugal
u2 from the sky
oh my god. tears in my face. saw "from the sky down". it is so beautiful. thanks for this special release of "achtung baby" maybe the history will repeating now. maybe a second 1990. the band should search a new quarter, like berlin at this time. to find new ways, inpressions for new power and maybe a new album. thanks to bono, edge, larry, adam, universal, paul mcguinness, brian eno, daniel lanois, flood, band roadies and the fans. 2012 a pause for the band.
All we want is the DVD "From The Sky Down"
is it true the band is out of ideas i heard it on radio? keep going bono your forever I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!
okay cool...
do we get to find out how it happens or are you just going to leave us hanging?
Can't wait!!
I can't wait to see this film!! It must be great!!
Yes, over the years Bono developed such a special kind of songwriting. He chooses his words not only because of their meaning; every syllable of his words also creates a sound that influences the character and mood of those amazing songs.
CAN NOT WAIT to see this film
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