'Ain't love the sweetest thing?'

11 Feb 2024

'Ain't love the sweetest thing?'

'Are we gonna get after this?' Bono shouted as the evening opened with 'The Fly'. Get after it they did,  'Sweetest Thing' and 'Love Rescue Me' rejoining the set and 'Gloria' and a snatch of The Beatles' 'Blackbird' closing the show. 

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What Bono Said

Introducing the band before 'Desire': 'To my left: Ladies, laaaadies! Not just a man with some seriously fast footwear, oh no, a Greek god. No, a Roman god….. on the bass, His Royal Moustacheness, Adam Clayton.

'On my right, he's part scientist and we're part of the experiment. Our very own WMD — our weapon of mass devotion — that is The Edge.'

Before 'Love Rescue Me': 'Two people here tonight from opposing teams and I'm not talking about the Chiefs or the Forty-Niners. I'm talking about two gigantic figures from what can sometimes feel like two warring political parties here in the United States, two people who decided to work together to rid the world of HIV/AIDS. There are now upwards of 25 million people who owe their existence to these United States, and on Super Bowl weekend, I wanna say thank you to America because we don't thank you enough. So, thank you America. 

'And I want to thank you, Nancy Pelosi, and I want to thank you, Condoleezza Rice, for working together. We like that don't we? I learnt from the two of you the sacred text that true greatness is true service. We learn through service, that's where greatness lives. Thank you.' 

About 'Love Rescue Me': 'Here's a song we wrote and recorded with Bob Dylan way back when. It's both a whisper and a scream.'

At the end of 'With Or Without You' with Es Devin's Nevada Ark of endangered species soaring overhead: 'It's dangerous out there. Look after each other. Thank you for giving us a great life. Thank you for lookin' after us. Look after the world around you!'

As the encore with 'Beautiful Day' drew to a close, in a whisper he repeated: 'You can do this. You can do this.'

Shout Outs

To director Wim Wenders as the band launched into 'Until The End Of The World'

To T-Bone Burnett — the music producer, singer-songwriter, and former guitarist for Bob Dylan — and the photographer Donata Wenders, during 'Where The Streets Have No Name'

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'Super Bowl LVIII Eve with U2 at The Sphere. The experience was absolutely amazing. Videos and pictures will not show the story. You definitely should make plans soon to visit The Sphere if you have not yet been there. It's awesome! #U2 #TheSphere' —@brett_fischer on X


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