And the winners are...

6 Mar 201241
'The original painting is from 1991. I was 12 years old, just left behind my safe but also restricted childhood in East Germany, facing future with the new 'west'. I felt like drowning from all the new impulses in that time. The painting had stayed in the cellar until today, colours faded but the theme is more present than ever... '

The painting is called 'without' and the artist is Jana Beier and she's won her very own Trabant in the competition to celebrate the 20th anniversary edition of Achtung Baby. The band's longtime visual masterminds - designer Shaughn McGrath and photographer Anton Corbijn - invited artists to submit photographs or artwork which would feature on the Achtung Baby sleeve, if it was released today.

While Jana from Germany was the 'Host's Choice' in the competition, the People's Choice award - winning the popular vote - went to Ukrainian photographer Zoya Shu with 'On The Fly', an eye-catchingly surrealist perspective on the fall of the Wall. 'So pay attention, the babies that were born in 1991 are now the adults and still going strong. It's no secret...'

Also named winners were Ana Coello; Roman Soloviev; Olga Bannikova; Gene Jimenez: Lucie Bascoul; IIona Muis; Ryan O'Neill; Eugenio Gonzalez; Julian De Angelis; Susan Hamilton Peterson; Lilit Simonyan; Irmak Akcadogan; Keri Huber and Jacob Baldwin:

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I'm lost too...
That first one is so good. And the sixth one
That first one is so good. I'd hang it on my wall And the sixth one.
I don't get it
palmtree the best.. ;/ I thought that we had to make one pic/drawing, not a whole collage.
please elaborate
Hi would you please elaborate on the specific details that won you over for each winning submission? Why did you pick the ones that you did?
More overtly political this time!
The artwork displays more political things, exactly what the original cover avoided. but I think that's cool actually!! So..will we see the 'new album cover ' layout?
the artwork makes no sense, just like U2 music, but hey again that's what we like about living with music in berlin subway ...u2... etc.
good pics
good pictures, salu2
well done to Zootopian forumite IIona Mu
for making it into the final running, some great entries here. Great prize too, wonder where the Trabby will show up?
^ ^ I agree with Rachel this doesn't make me think of Achtung Baby either.
None of these winners artwork (although the artwork is decent) bring to mind Achtung Baby. Not. At. All.
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