'Thank you for having us here in the majestic land of a thousand islands,' said Bono, introducing One, a song which seemed to sum up the evening. 'Wherever you come from in the region, thank you for coming, you make it even more majestic... you're from all over. Beautiful.' It was dedicated 'to everyone in this region who's had their warm hearts broken by cold ideas.'
Video coming up, meantime add your own reviews at the bottom of the page. What were your stand-out tracks, the moments you will never forget, the reason you were glad to be here in the Stadium Makimir tonight? Here's the set-list.

No Line On The Horizon
Get On Your Boots
Beautiful Day
Until The End of the World
Stay (Far Away So Close)
Unknown Caller
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix)
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Pride (In The Name of Love)
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name
With Or Without You
Moment of Surrender


14 August, 2009
We've see VERTIGO but this is even better. Don't think I ever saw something this good! WE came all the way from MALTA!!
13 August, 2009
It was a dream come true...I cried and screamed duing Pride (In The Name of Love)...that was the most emotional moment for me... I just have to say I expected more spirit and enthusiasm from the band! Nevertheless, I am thrilled I finally saw them live, so close...hope they will come again!!! Thanks
12 August, 2009
what a stunning concert
I am a big fan of u2 since my high scool, 18 yrs ago . Sunday night was "magnificent". I enjoyed every minute, specially when the band played "unknown caller". All people around played song while the text was on screen. My hair and skin were cowered :-)) I'll hope i see you next time in Zagreb. greetings Saša Kovačević from Virovitica, Croatia
12 August, 2009
Thank you!
U said that song One , for diferent people means diferent things...It reminds me on war in that ´92 in Bosnia, my ex town Banjaluka...Not in the way of ˝war˝ but in way of love, love that came thru U2 songs. Compassion.... Thank you for message that you bring...I can feel it 2o years for now, and hope that at least next 20 will be even better. Even better than the real thing.... Thank you!
12 August, 2009
U2, you never miss an album, never miss a gig to OUTRDO yourselves! Keep bringing it on, that sweet, oh, sweet music!
11 August, 2009
best thing ever!
i was on both shows and i had the time of my life!!! Especially on first night when i was several times only 2m from guys and when Bono,Adam and Edge saw my banners :) i believe that Zagreb had the best setlist ever and was pretty surprised when i heard Miss Sarajevo and Unchained melody on first night and Stand by me + Stuck in the moment, accoustic version, on second night...deffa the best shows i have ever seen, and cant wait to see guys in Zagreb again on their next tour :)
11 August, 2009
Thank you
I was on a rollercoaster of emotions that night :) Best hours of my life, THANK YOU for the 2nd concert. Without it, my special Person wouldn't be able to be with me there and see what I've seen, and what I've seen? = M A G N I F I C E N T <3
11 August, 2009
Sarajevo :heart: U2
Thanks for remembering Sarajevo and for that "Miss Sarajevo" snippet. And thanks for reciting those wonderful Gundulic's lines and reminding us that only 14 years ago this was all just a distant dream. "O lijepa, o draga, o slatka, slobodo!"
11 August, 2009
Thank you
Big big,,huge THANK YOU! Zagreb and Croatia love you!
11 August, 2009
a lifetime wish come true... U2 live. Thank you for making my dream come true. Great to hear "old songs" like Unforgettable fire, Pride,MLK... Beautiful atmosphere wiht One.. to sing together with Bono.. beyond words...
11 August, 2009
Finally......MY DREAM COME TRUE THIS EVENING! I waited so many years to see U2-The Best Band on this Planet, to come so close on the Balkan, near my capital town Skopje, Macedonia. At the concert there where tears whwn i heard my songs One,Stay, Magnificent...My heart&soul are fullfield with happyness,joy, Love and Peace!!!Thank you U2
11 August, 2009
the night was magnificent. everything was magnificent. U2 was magnificent. THANK YOU FOR COMING TO ZAGREB.I was on stadium on sunday but on monday I was outside of the stadium and it was a one time experience. The stage was sooooo amazing. My friend was one of the crew who build it up. Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you will come again in Zagreb like Bono said. <3<3<3<3<3<3
11 August, 2009
i was was Magnificent!!!!!!!! I love you U2... and I must say that i have back problems since 11.2.2009 already 6.months and this concert was reason to help me through the pain,the gold-i must say, to get better until 9.8.2009...I didnt make it happend 100% i am at 80%, i am still in pain...but I make it thrue the all the concert only becouse of my thrue will and love for this spektakl and for you U2... I will send you the photos soon :) byee.... ps.sorry for my bad english :)
11 August, 2009
time of my life
Thanks for Until the end of the world, thanks for all the love you shared with us. Tonight, we were all as ONE. It was like all of my dreams came true, almost unreal. Really hope you'll come back to Europe and this region in spring. Love and kisses from Belgrade, Serbia.
10 August, 2009
Thank you
Thank you for the beautiful night. It was a dream come true. Love to all 4 of you. Vesna, Macedonia
10 August, 2009
Wonderful Night
I have nothing to say but - thank you U2 - for bringing back a light into my eyes!
10 August, 2009
Faboulous night
It was magnificent, great, magic, faboulous night I will always remember. Hope you'll do this again next... year! Loving you...
10 August, 2009
Fans from Macedonia <3 U2
It was a great night!!!We didn't mind spending 13 hours in a bus and passing two borders to come to the concert and enjoy the magnificient performance!!!
10 August, 2009
In The Name of Love
You are truly a great band, not only for the great music and the great moments you give to the audience, also for the movement and actions against violence, war, poverty and other malicious situations. Thank you for that! The song "Moment of Surrender" really blow me away, it was amazing! LOve<3 D:)
10 August, 2009
Thank you...
...for the best concert in my life. I was proud to be a part of your magnificent show and you are the only group in the world that can still light me up for a concert.
10 August, 2009
Best concert ever
Thank You U2 for giving us such a great concert in Croatia, this was the best show ever.Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 August, 2009
magnificent band, beautiful audience, unforgettable show, wish to stuck in a moment with this one tonight, ...again! Thank You guys, too, you keep us together...
10 August, 2009
So beautiful
Thank you so much for last night! Love you guys!
10 August, 2009
Until the end....
When I heard first beats of Until The End of the World I was estatic!!!! GREAT CONCERT!!! Thank you U2!
10 August, 2009
Sarah Tumps
It all sounds really good to me! Roll on London! Dont mind what you play - I love them all,but would like the 'Unforgetable Fire' to stay in the line-up, the song has always meant alot to me. My sister Ruth & I have very fond memories of a very muddy 'Longest Day'concert at Milton Keynes Bowl in 1985. Boy did it rain!! Well worth getting wet for! MLK & Unforgetable Fire.......perfect. Love you guys x
10 August, 2009
visiting old friends
I was seventeem when discovered Boy and October.Now in my mid forties it was my big pleasure to be with my twins sons (now eighteens) at Zagreb yesteday and enjoy in great show.It was as I visited my old friends which have not seen 30 years.Thanks for changing my life all these years in a right way. Igor from Drazice near Rijeka/Croatia
10 August, 2009
Magnificent beautiful to be last night at Maksimir...beautiful time and place and music and people.... I'll be there tonight adictiv...
10 August, 2009
The Unforgettable Moments
Majestic night!!! 2,5 hours of pure love and wonderful music. I am so happy my doughter (although still not born) was there - it will be quite a story to tell her once she comes to this world!!! Hope to see you soon again in Croatia!!!
10 August, 2009
Thank you, U2!
Last night's concert was absolutely the best experience in my life! You guys played almost all of my favorite songs, and thank you for a magnificent performance of One, which is one of my favorite songs of all time. I've never danced and sung and screamed so much in my entire life, but what I saw as the peak of the evening was when Bono quoted one of the greatest Croatian poet's lines about freedom, in CROATIAN! That just shows that you're not just one of the bands who go on tour completely uninterested in cultures of the cities and countries they're playing in, but that you really want to get closer to the people. Just by doing that, you actually don't need that majestic stage (even though it is really amazing!), because you show you care about your fans and your audience. Thank you so much for making 2 hours of your performance seem like only 20 minutes, and for organizing the best party in Europe last night! I had such a great time and hope you guys will come back to Zagreb during your next tour. Thank you, U2!
10 August, 2009
U2 stay for a long time
I've been waiting for this moment nearly all my life :) and yesterday was the biggest wish come true. For me the highlights of the amazing show were Stay and Unforgetable fire. I was hoping for Bad too, but nevertheless it was epic.
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