'Chasing Down A Dream...'

15 Oct 201410
Edge and Bono were in the studios of France's Le Grand Journal yesterday, performing acoustic versions of 'The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)' and 'Every Breaking Wave.'

The latest stop on a whirlwind promotional tour to mark the release of Songs of Innocence on CD/Vinyl, they also sat down for a conversation with presenter Antoine de Caunes.

The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)

Every Breaking Wave

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Maturity and Innocence
It seems that Bono has learnt the power of restraint and release and this is just the beginning
Every breaking wave
Moving song this is going to be the next one I can't wait for the live shows to begin
Master of the pain
Beautiful. This vocal performance of Every Breaking Wave was indeed more disciplined and focused than the Italian :) Nobel for the lyrics? Well, maybe the day when most people understand what they are about. I think it will win the Peace Prize not the Chemistry Prize :) Love the line "We´ve got language so we can communicate" …or was it "cannot communicate"? I mean we have a lots different languages, so it sounds good either way. Just discovered the lyrics and some of them are huge, a pure masterpiece really!
Amazing U2 you're not spring chickens ;) and you've been round the block a few times ;) but this latest material is so, so great. I like more than anything you have ever done before and those performances were magic.
I was There
It was fabulous ! I was just next to you Bono and Edge... I Will never forget this moment !
Another fine performance bono was in better form on the Italian show though. This is better live with just the piano doesn't need the strings like the acoustic version on the album
U2 <3-er
Love the new album. I play almost all of the songs on my guitar and sing. What can I say... I'm their fan for 4 years and love all their songs. Bono should get a Nobel for his lyrics
Absolutely love this album - cannot stop listening to it or get the songs out of my head! Don't know how U2 manage to pour so much emotion and meaning into their songs. Particularly love Iris - it gave me goosebumps on the first listen and brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it. Can't imagine what it would be like to lose a mother at such a young age when you need them most. Can't wait to see what surprises U2 have in store for the tour.
This band never stops amazing me, their songs are lifting and filled with emotion. There's no doubt that this band was put on this earth to bring joy and happiness to everybody.......can't wait for the tour
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