'You Asked. They Answered.'

15 Oct 201418
From the iTunes release to Benedict Cumberbatch, from why Larry and Adam don't have 'cool names' ... to what rockstars smell like.

You asked. They answered.

Post by U2.

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Lindos ❤❤❤❤
Although I know precious little about the U2 musicians' personalities, I can gather a general and only potentially accurate concept of each one. What I know about them is mainly from the Rattle and Hum DVD, this segment here, and other brief moments over the decades when they have slightly displayed aspects of their personalities. Bono especially, and to some extent the other band members, can go from playful to serious and back - an attribute of the happier people of the world, Adam is an intellectual with an underlying free-spirit, Larry can sometimes be intense but always good-natured, and Edge is humble to never believe himself a total master, even though relatively speaking, he and his cohorts are phenomenal musicians. I believe it is because each has his own unique primary persona that - as a group - they blend so well. I think it keeps them from getting into much competition with each other, something that can damage or disband a band.
October - the month of my birthday- U2 gave me (ok, gave us) songs of love, songs of peace, songs to be sing for generations... I love them so much - I pray for them- I ask God, keep them healty, safe and with this extraordinary talent of making us happy with your GREAT SONGS!!! From a brazilian fan!!! This moment needs A BIG KISS!
Boys, you should not have worried about trying to get your songs through all the noise! I and many others get it, will always get it, Songs of Innocence, to me is going back to the past, listening to that first U2 song, going to the first live show and being hooked for life, I get it, love it, and always will! Well done U2!
You can see how well the guys get on together - the camaraderie!!! Love the way it ends with Bono saying "PINT!"
You are human, kind, loyal, funny , I have followed you from mounttemple to the mount of your career you have got me through a lot of lows and some highs in my life , songs of innocents I can feel and understand, don't let go, don't give in or up, friends , family and fans still need U2 in our lives, thank you for helping me
Thank's for just being U2 , your most loyal fan's really appreciate it . Now tell us when the tour will be !!! Xxx
He doesn't say much but Larry can pack t
Ironically the one time I get something for free I'm gonna end up buying it anyway. This album is SO incredible I just have to have the second disc w/ all the extras!! It's crap that you should even have to apologize. Love, love, love U2...still putting out the greatest music being made. I, for one, say THANK YOU!
great band... great album
I love it... perfect see the boys enjoying with the questions... and Bono the album is wonderful... doesn´t apologyse for this.... I love you always....
Very cool
Quite entertaining, Bono you answered with tact on that question, don't worry about all the complainers you all pored your hearts out into the record, and I love it.
Good questions
Thanks guys for sitting down and answering some very good questions. Forever after for me, Benedict Cumberbatch will be known as "Benedict Cucumber" (thanks Larry). Please don't feel badly about releasing the album the way that you did. Just because a very loud minority had a problem with it, doesn't mean it wasn't a valid idea. Some people need to be shown what a great rock album sounds like. You have a quieter, more respectful majority that have taken these songs and this album to their hearts. So no more musing about relevance, please. You guys are out in front, and every other band is on notice. You all look great (love the hair, Adam); and I can't wait until the 2015 tour.
Les Waugh
Laugh out loud funny!
Great to see U2 just having a laugh, very funny. Tight band which is why the music is so great!
More of this please - the real U2!
Hilarious! Loved it!
So great!!
Great to see this!! We fans really need more of this!!!! U2 communicating directly to their fans!! Love you guys so much, been doing that for 24 years... Thanks for a beautifull album worth waiting for! !!
Ring me up Bono and I will happily get you a pint next time you are in Arizona! Great (and fun) interview session!
not on facebook but you know where to fi
Not on facebook do didnt ask question but watched the video and thought that was really fab. Very funny in parts t
They did not reply me
I met Larry Mullen J. in Dublin. It was 2003, we were in the same bar/pub called 31. I will never forget that wonderful experience. But I'd like to meet all the band. I bought each album, I know each songs, I study all the lyrics of every single songs the have been written in their life, I spent a lot of money for their live exibitions, I have been in Bray for a couple of months and I missed their performance and I was so angry for that. I want to know all the band at least before my departure. Please
Q & A in a U2 kind of way
A little drop of humour, a touch of old school confidence ........and a dash of brilliance all mixed in together.
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