I Will Be With You Again

6 Aug 200990
A spine-tingling night right from the start with a huge and passionate audience. If they weren't in red and white - great planning by the fans here again - they were in U2 shirts or in Music Rising shirts or even, dressed like PopTarts. The opening clutch of tracks suggested this was going to be some night but none of us could have predicted the ovation when New Year's Day arrived. What a response

Say it's true, it's true...
And we can break through
Though torn in two
We can be one.

With the flag of Solidarnosc on stage it felt like all the hopes and dreams of this audience were captured in a song.
'Something going on here. There's something going on in this country,' said Bono. 'We could feel it the last time we came. This country is going somewhere very special. Is it faith? Faith in the future. Poland! Europe needs more countries like Poland...'

We sang Happy Birthday to Edge tonight and it felt like everyone was celebrating a birthday. Was it the best show of the tour to date ? Who can tell? If you were here, it probably was.

So we enjoyed it, but what about you? Add your own reviews at the bottom of the page. Here's what the band played.

No Line On The Horizon
Get On Your Boots
Beautiful Day
New Years Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
Unknown Caller
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix)
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Pride (In The Name of Love)
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name
With Or Without You
Moment of Surrender

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I´d like to THANK U2 and whole audience for the MOST BEAUTIFUL and MAGNIFICENT time we spent together! It was the first time I saw U2 live and I really won´t forget it! I LOVE U2, you LOVE U2, we LOVE U2!!! And I hope it wasn't just another concert routine for them and that they really enjoyed it, that it were moments of HAPPINESS FOR THEM, not just for us.
Thank you Guys.. After 20 years I heard you for the first time on the radio I could see you live. Face to face, just "under-stage" zone between you and me. And how great..!! I won't be original if I say amazing, magical, special, etc.. I just want to thank you for being here and being in my life. You have made it complete. With love, Olga
Not just polish fans
Thank you for yor help,we have made the polish flag together and we appreciate that very much, thank you!!!
What a night!
15 hours waiting from 6a.m. Golden Circle just in front of the scene. It was my third U2 gig in Poland and it WAS amazing. White and red stadium, happy birthday for The Edge and Stand by My sung with Bono - priceless. Thank you U2 and all the people in the audience.
the best night!!!
It was the best night since the 5th of July 2005!!! Every time i think about it I have shivers down my spine and tears flow to my eyes! Very emotional experience for me! Heartbreaking but in a positive way!! Thanks for it and please be back soon!!! We love you!
Thank You!!!
I couldn't be in Chorzów in 2005, I could be yesterday and it was more that I expected. It was the best night, the best show!!!!! Thank you for all of those emotions I had... it was Magnificent... Thank You for not only music but the message which reminds us how much we People have got to do, how important is our support for the Others... all of those masks... I was deeply touched... I will pray for Birma, Iran and all those People who wants to feel real freedom, I know how it is not to have it.
lovely U2
Thanx for Amazing, magnificent Show , I'm very proud. Hopefully to see U2 as soon as will be posible in Poland ofcourse. It WAS Beautifull day-night, new years day with polish flag, milky-way trick, so good so perfect SHOW!!!! Bono and all of Your Team !!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! See You soon!!!!!!! All the best Be careful!!! God bless You.
The biggest moment in my whole life...
I'm 23, and I'm proud, that Poland is my country... Show was spectacular....I feel very emotional... Propably the best day in my life...
We will never forget you - U2!
It was magic. You are in our hearts! Thank You!
AHH !!
Absolutely amazing!! Thank YOu ! ;***
Beautiful Night!!!
It was my 5th gig on this tour but definitely the best! Maybe it's because I am Polish or maybe because the crowd was hungry for u2 like nowhere else! The FLAG made me cry! I was in Chorzow 4 years ago too, but what we did last night was abosulutely incredible! Thank you for giving me GREAT LIFE! :)
like a dream
It was like a wonderfull dream but you were a real thing!!thank you so much for these fantastic moments. I can't believe that I've seen you in my city
Thank you
Tickets was expensive, but it was worth to pay. U2 is one of the very, very small group of bands that treat fans very seriously and they do everything on the highest level of theirs skill. This event in Chorzów (in Chorzów!!, not in Katowice) was everything: moving, energizing, fun, dynamical, spontanic professional. Thank you very much. I will remember that until my end, maybe even longer. I hope I can meet you in Poland once again. I wish you all the best, and once again: Happy Birthday Dear Edge!
thank you.
that was the most beautiful thing that has happend to me in my whole life. i just wanted to say than you.
It was the Beautiful Day!
We' ve just arrived back to Hungary. We' re very grateful that we were part of this fantastic concert in Poland. Thank You U2:) Hope we, Hungarians also contributed to this great party.
!! wOw !!
You fans in Poland have GOT IT TOGETHER!! I got chills just watching this clip. A M A Z I N G !!! Adam, Larry, Bono and The Edge, you just keep bringing out the best in people -- and we need you now more than ever. love love love love love.
Greatest band in right place!
I would like to thank to all U2 members for giving us, fans in Poland, such a great time. You are the best, guys! I hope to see You again in Poland as soon as possible, because Your concerts are full of passion and positive energy that make people feel and act right. Thank You once again! Happy birthday, Edge! I saw You for the first time yesterday and I can't wait to see You once again. You are the best! The spirit of polish fans awaits for You!
great job!
that show was absolutly amazing! the red-white flag was just wonderful. people are very polite, and the ambience...... just magical Poland invite U2 on the next tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pozdrowienia dla fanów U2 z Polski!
Password we entered yesterday night!
Oh Myyyyyy!!! That was the best concert that I've taken a part. The atmosphere! The spirit! I think that you- the Band and people gathered round- could feel something what was perceptible there. I don't know how to describe that. Kind of feelings that joined our mantalities and souls: "Solidarity is the password, you have to enter here right now". I think that this sentence spoken by Bono yesterday describes that night best. I was driving my car home at 1:00 with listening my favourite U2 songs, remaining the show one more time :) Thank you! See you in Chorzów next time!
Thank You U2 for coming to Poland!
That was amazing night! concert! I'm so happy that I could be there and I'll never forget it! Great songs and white-red flag and solidarity on New Year's day! I'd love to see You U2 here again! Thank You for Beautiful Day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY THE EDGE! :)))
Well, there are no words to express how I feel. Spectaculous, wonderful, unforgettable show - for sure. Absolutely fantastic music, blessed performers and sensitive audience - that was also a part of last night. But in few moments I just stayed speechless, literally astonished (even though I have seen the previous concert in Chorzow!). NYD, One, Sunday Bloody Sunday - there were moments when the feelings were overwhelming, I could barely stand them. Many people cried, I cried. A true katharsis. And something more: thanks to such events, glorious music and the message that is behind that all I want to be a better person, do something more for others than I normally do. I feel stronger. And for the moment I feel proud. A GREAT "Thank you" to the guys of U2 and everybody on the stadium. For the moments like that one it is worth to live. And I want to live to experience so genuine emotions and to part of actually making this world a beeter place. I can only kneel and bend my head in a gesture of humility in front of the U2 and other people of great heart. Let this unforgettable fire stay with us. U2, come back. I'll be there, to cherish and humble.
The night was absolutely fantastic :)))) !!! I was standing just near the catwalk so the impression was amazing when U2 was walking across. The huge 'spider' with moon in the background was breathtaking !!! I will never forget this night and I hope we will have this celebration again in Poland in few years!!! MAGNIFICENT SHOW !!! MAGNIFICENT MUSIC !!! Thank you !!!
unforgettable fire!
This fire in all our hearts was burning while they're playing. It was one of the most amazing, magnificient, gorgeous and ...oh my...I'm so thankful that They came to Poland again. I'm so proud of us polish fans. Atmosphere was exciting, mesmerizing, full of emotions. Bono, Edge(best wishes again for You!), Larry and Adam gave us power, magic and I don't know what else. Gave us, unforgettable fire and memories for long years. For all my life.
U2 ROCKED Chorzow!!!
Thank You guys for a comeback to Poland with a Magnificent show, full of rock, emotions and for sending a message from your space station to the world. You topped the last concert and for me that's incredible, cause I thought there would be nothing better than Vertigo Tour... Happy Birthday (100 lat) The Edge!!! Unbelievably good Bad ;-) Thank you for New Year's Day. Stuck in the Moment :-) and all music you played - It was the greatest Rock concert of my live! U2, Bono please come back in your white limo :-) if it was you ?;-)
Thank you...
... for the greatest show I've ever seen, for the best party I have ever been invited to. :D I was red ;) and I was proud of my contry - thank you for "The New Year's Day". Come back - soon. :)
Couldn't be better
It was absolutely amazing evening, we were all as one fans together with the band. I can't wait to see U2 again here in Chorzów.
It was magical show! I will never forget that nightt! THANKS TO EVERYONE!!
It was my second time and it was amaizing again. I can't wait for next concert. Thank you for your music.
U2 power in Poland
Incredible spectacle, when I saw a polish flag on whole stadium and heard a Bono words:" This country is going somewhere very special. Is it faith? Faith in the future. Poland! Europe needs more countries like Poland" I believe that we can do everything with a faith, hope, love and U2 music. THANK YOU U2
Remarkable event
The best show i've ever seen, thanks Guys :D and once more, happy birthday The Edge, Hope to see You soon in Poland :)
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