I Will Be With You Again

6 Aug 200990
A spine-tingling night right from the start with a huge and passionate audience. If they weren't in red and white - great planning by the fans here again - they were in U2 shirts or in Music Rising shirts or even, dressed like PopTarts. The opening clutch of tracks suggested this was going to be some night but none of us could have predicted the ovation when New Year's Day arrived. What a response

Say it's true, it's true...
And we can break through
Though torn in two
We can be one.

With the flag of Solidarnosc on stage it felt like all the hopes and dreams of this audience were captured in a song.
'Something going on here. There's something going on in this country,' said Bono. 'We could feel it the last time we came. This country is going somewhere very special. Is it faith? Faith in the future. Poland! Europe needs more countries like Poland...'

We sang Happy Birthday to Edge tonight and it felt like everyone was celebrating a birthday. Was it the best show of the tour to date ? Who can tell? If you were here, it probably was.

So we enjoyed it, but what about you? Add your own reviews at the bottom of the page. Here's what the band played.

No Line On The Horizon
Get On Your Boots
Beautiful Day
New Years Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
Unknown Caller
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix)
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Pride (In The Name of Love)
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name
With Or Without You
Moment of Surrender

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Poland is the best!!!!
Bono and Team come back here again soon!!!! The greatest gig ever in Poland. :)I'm polish girl and i hope you will REMEMBER US!!! HAPPY B-Day Egde and woooohoooo New Year's Day!!!
Polish Fans - Superb show
Once again this was a huge feast for the fans and the band as both seemed to have enjoyed the spectacular and mesmerizing atmosphere at the Silesia Stadium. There is a magic about U2 concerts whatever the location but I dare to say that Polish ones are simply unique. Please come again U2!
Magnificent Concert
Thank You U2, thank you all Polish Fans! The night was unforgettable and so special to all of us. I'm just speechless! That was for sure the best concert I have ever been to.
Not just polish fans
Last night show was magnificent, but don´t forget all other fans from Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and other countries. guys you are doing brilliant job. Great moments last night. Tony CZECH REPUBLIC
It was absolutely amazing!
The music, the Moon, the people.
The perfect show!
special night for us. thanks U2 for beautiful day. once more, happy birthday... the edge.
What a night!!!!!!!!!!
Great show again, symbolic, energetic, exciting. I was totally shocked by an awsome version of "I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight". So great to be again a part of this, here at home. Fantastic!
I can barely find any words to describe a night like that. I've spent almost 12 hours waiting for U2 outside and inside the stadium and all I can tell is, that it was really worth it. It's been my first concert ever, and as well as that, my first U2 concert I have been to. I don't regret any second spent in the line to get into the Stadium, and eventually to get into the Golden Circle, which I have dreamt of, since the very begining of the U2 Tour. The crowd in the stadium was absolutely amazing, they were cheering up U2 as well as Snow Patrol. Some highlights? It must be the crowd singing "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" and Bono standing there in front of all the fans and quite not believing what he was seeing. The Milky Way during "One" is something that just can't be forgotten. New Year's Day - all I can say about it is just magic.
The Most Show.......
I want to thank you - U2 and and all the people from the show !!!! Amazing night !!!!!! I hope that we will meet again in Poland :)
i have climbed highest mountains only to
i don't find any words to describe the way i feel. but the thing i should probably do is to give my tremendous thanks to you guys. for all you've done for us that night . for masses of energy and love you put into bringing people up to where you are. because you are high. for your passion. for your self-abnegation. courage. care. persistence. sensitivity. MEMORY. but most of all, i'd like to thank for all the beautiful and unforgettable inspirations you brought to us. you enabled us to open our minds. you helped us to experience the beauty of noise. you showed us how to hear the voice of silence. thank you. from the depth of my heart. from the part of me YOU shaped. I LOVE YOU
It was the beautiful day...!!
Oh...no coment...it was the greates show i´ve ever seen. Bono said, thet europe needs more countries like Poland. It´s true. But this WORL needs more people like Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry. Thank you... I was born, i was born to sing WITH you!! STAY WITH US, STAY WITH US!!
The best concert ever!
I've been to tens of concerts but never felt what I felt during "New Year's Day" in Chorzow. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING WITH US ALL THESE PRECIOUS MOMENTS!!!!
It was magic
Absolutely amazing, magnificent!!! The best U2 show in my life. The best part: Polish flag during "New Year's Day" and milky way during "One". U2 is the best band ever!!!!
Unforgettable night!
Thank You U2. Great band, great audience. It's been an honour to guest U2 back again in Poland! Unforgettable night, unforgettable performance. ps The Edge once again best wishes! greetings Darek, Cracow, Poland
thanku you 4 wonderful night!
Thank you, thank you so much for this spectacular night in chorzów! I'll never forget the ambiance created by the band on the whole stadium. Lots of magic moments! u2 you're MAGNIFICENT!
We'd like to thank U2 and the audience for the most beautiful and magnificent time we spent together. We'll really nerver forget it!
My deep respect for the Fans in Poland
Just saw the Videos of »New Years Day« and this makes me really happy. Great work you did! Thank you very much and my deepest respect fot this,
This was the best U2 show in Poland so far. The atmosphere was fabulous. It was amazing. Unforgetable feeling to be a part of it. And it's great that we have common custom with U2 - the FLAG. Thank you!!!
Magnificent concert!!!
I'm proud that I could be a part of that factastic performance. I'd expected a great gig but they gave as much more!!!! It was the best concert I've ever seen!! Thank you!!
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Thank You all once again for visiting us and sharing those wonderfull moments on Slaski Stadium. It"s my second U2 concert and I"m sure it"s not the last. Once again Happy Birthday The Edge!
This was the BEST
I still have tears in my eyes... this evening was beautiful, the flag on "NYD", the milky way on "One", all was amayzing... I'm happy that I could be part of this, this was an unforgettable concert and really beautiful night... i'm proud to be Polish... thank you U2, thank you all the fans for making yesterday's night so special...
I`m proud .
Beautiful and unforgettable show. I believe we all felt very special that night. Magniiifiiceent!
Happy Birthday Edge
Happy 48th birthday. If you are like me, the bigger the number the less you want to celebrate, My birthday 7/7/59 was a big one. 7/7 was a great day to have a birthday and I am sure 8/8 will be to.
Good Show
Great song choice for the list They picked the live songs from No Line, they picked their best live classics, and they have some of the better songs off of their best albums. Glad to see songs like Ultraviolet, Unforgettable Fire, and Elevation still apart of their live shows. Also glad to see that they havent forgotten some of the songs that made them famous such as New Years Day, Still Havent Found, and Streets
New Years Day - Poland
its amazing concert,magnificent tour !I love Poland Fans SZERYF from Poland
Absolutely amazing show and crowd!
beautiful night
'new year's day' was absolutely magical
Chorzów once again..
...and once again magnificent moments. I'm proud that I was a part of the flag dedicated to U2. People on Slaski Stadium are the best !!! You should see it ! U2 was perfect. The best polish concert ever !
The best show ever!!!
I've just come back home from the gig or maybe this is not a good word 'gig' - a celebration. What we all experienced, especially when the Polish flag appeared, was absolutely fantastic! What a night! What a night!
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