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24 June, 2011
I agree...
I agree with arsouza, please play BAD! ...and ZOOROPA too. :-)
23 June, 2011
The Fly
Nevermind I just realized its the studio version
23 June, 2011
Hours..only hours
U2 will be there,that will be awesome....Glastonbury!!
23 June, 2011
The Fly version in Bono video
Anyone know what live era the audio of "The Fly" playing in the Bono 2.0 era video is from?
u2 ka
23 June, 2011
Yes, Adam hearing zooropa on this the 3rd year of the tour is amazing and it brought a smile to my face for sure. I brought my kids to the 1st night of Anaheim and they both loved hearing and seeing that song. I love that after so many U2 shows in so many countries and states you guys still manage to pull out a few surprises! Thank you.....
23 June, 2011
The flowering rose of Glastonbury
These great videos take me on a beautiful journey through U2;s exceptional history. Having delivered a breathtaking and heart-warming Red Rocks performance despite the bad weather, U2 set a musical milestone that was so important for their entire career. "Bad" amazes me because of its subtle changes between loud and quiet parts, with Bono turning the song into a tender mood after a passionate expression of despair and pain while singing "I;m wide awake". Playing a mesmerizing version of "Bullet The Blue Sky", U2;s apocalyptic sounds conjur up a heavy atmosphere, almost painting the images the lyrics refer to. In every note of Bono;s haunting vocals I can hear the violence and fear he went through when visiting Central America. The oversized Popmart stage including "Discotheque" represents U2;s most extravagant era. Having moved away from their classic sound as far as they could, it is a sudden surprise to hear Edge;s ringing guitar notes as if they came out of layers of trash in the middle part. "Vertigo" accompanied by effective red lights is one of the strongest live tracks. Merging into a snippet of "Stories For Boys", U2 create a beautiful reference to their early material, using the words "hello, hello" in both songs. It is also great to hear The Edge talk about his excitement and joy to play at the Glastonbury festival. And through the wonders of science Bono is not only better; he is the best! I wish U2 much, much luck, success, health and joy for tomorrow! I hope that many new and young fans will follow them on their great musical journey!
23 June, 2011
Play whatever you like
we will follow :D
23 June, 2011
I meant the fly, not UTEOTW
22 June, 2011
Play BETTER THAN into THE FLY - it was a
Play BETTER THAN into THE FLY - it was a killer opener in Anahiem that set the tone for a full throttle show. Epic. Thank you!
22 June, 2011
good luck spaceship
Guys, have a nice show this Friday! Play with heart, three achords and true. Fe
22 June, 2011
From Brazil
We are the show of the night!
22 June, 2011
so im guessing Until the End of the World is gonna be played at glastonbury maybe? cool stuff
22 June, 2011
Not long now...
...see you there boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21 June, 2011
Play Bad, Please Play Bad We will be there PLEASE PLAY BAD
21 June, 2011
Staring at the solstice sun
Much anticipation.....
21 June, 2011
21 June, 2011
20 June, 2011
Geeee to be
Melissa in Chicago. Like these bonus vids being uploaded. Nice touch.
20 June, 2011
Keep Zooropa in the set!!! seems like an amazing highlight of this current leg!! :D
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