'Eden (To Find Love)'

20 May 202111

'Eden (To Find Love)'

Citizen Penn is a powerful new documentary film, shot in the wake of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, which explores the advocacy and activism of Sean Penn. 

Looking back at a decade of the actor's work, after he decided to help the people of Haiti during one of the greatest of humanitarian crises, the film, directed by Don Hardy, looks at the struggles and triumphs Penn and his organization J/PHRO (now CORE) faced along the way. 

With a score by Linda Perry, encapsulating the film's-larger-than-life drama and personalities, the endurance of human spirit, and all-hands-on-deck local community problem-solving, the soundtrack is completed with Bono giving a chilling performance of 'Eden: To Find Love', a song he co-wrote with Perry.

'This is an extraordinary document of an extraordinary man's work,' explains Bono. ‘Putting not just his brain but his body in the way of various injustices. For all the gravitas, the dude still cracks me up! In this song I play God and Sean plays Adam, having explained that it was me not Eve who got us thrown out of the Eden… or something like that. Linda helped me strip this all right back, and I even got our daughter Jordan on backing vocals. It's a family affair.'

The soundtrack of Citizen Penn is released tomorrow, May 21.

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To find love
We? Can Deal With Ordinary Love. Great Son g to grow. Love and light, V-Hunter.
Emotional Journey
What a emotional journey from tears to smiles. Brilliant. Many Blessings Always and Prayers. .
Delicate treasure
Another worthwhile initiative of Bono (and family) in the humanitarian field. The song grows on me. It's a delicate little treasure.
First song after few years....
First song since few years that is amazing.Very good lyrics,music and atmosphere.Next U2 album shiuld be like this song.After 2 starnge covid years U2 should give us something positive like light in a tunnel.In this song i see hope.Dont make post rock songs to jump in concert.Give us a smart lyrics with deep music.It will be great reborn after two last albums.Stay safe.
Very nice - Thank you :-)
I hope this is a new sign of back to stage , after so long of waiting for... God bless you all, and hopefully will end of this epidemic soon. Yaron
Moving song
It´s wonderful that Bono participated in another new song. I love his soft voice and the way he creates more power with a change to a higher tone pitch in the middle part of the song. His voice sounds brilliant and the beautiful music accompanies touching scenes of the film. The exploration of Sean Penn´s activism after the Haiti Earthquake is a great theme.
Beautiful song and thanks Sean for the good work out there
This song is amazing! The fact that two of Bono’s kids are singing in the background is even better!
love the song
I love the song! Now hope for the docu to be in cine in Germany...
U2 - The Best Band
This new song its very sweet, lovely and smart. I loved it.
Like it
Although the Garrix-song is growing on me, I already liked this song when I heard it first a week or so ago.. It would have been nice that the song 'Where the shadows fall' for the Willie Nelson-movie would have had the same promotion here. That 'dark' song is one of his best solo songs from the last years.
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