‘We Are The People'

14 May 202132

We Are The People' from Martin Garrix featuring Bono and The Edge is the official UEFA EURO 2020 song - and it's released today.


In the making for three years, Dutch DJ and producer Garrix believed from the early stages of the creative process that Bono's vocals would be the perfect fit for 'We Are the People'. 

Bono and The Edge agreed to feature on the song and the collaboration evolved further with Bono writing the lyrics and creating melodies and The Edge adding the leading guitar riffs, resulting in a perfect blend of the signature sounds of each artist.

"Creating the music for one of the biggest sports events in the world together with Bono and The Edge has been an incredible experience" says Garrix. "I'm very proud of what we did together and excited to finally share it with the world!"

Bono said – "The roar of the crowd is what unites music and football, something both communities have been denied by this horrible little virus that's done so much damage to so many. We'd like to think our tune comes at a time when people are starting to come together again… even if it's in competition. We know we are not the people anyone's waiting for come these Euros, but if we can provide the soundtrack to some great days and nights, that would be an honour. And Martin Garrix is a top man!"

Edge said – "So now everyone knows what we have been doing during the lockdown. We had a lot of fun working with Martin on this track. I can't wait to get stuck into a bit of football this summer. Gutted Ireland didn't qualify but I'm privileged to hold another team close to my heart. Gorau chwarae cyd chwarae. C'mon Wales!"

The video for 'We Are The People' features an appearance by Jason McAteer, who scored the winning goal for the Republic of Ireland against the Netherlands on 1st September 2001, which saw Ireland qualify for the 2002 World Cup. The historic match took place on the same day as the Elevation Tour show at Slane Castle, with the crowd tuning in to watch the game on a big screen before the band took to the stage for a truly memorable show. 

Martin said - "My video director Olle Knutson saw the 'Live From Slane' concert when he was younger, it was such a powerful moment, it stayed with him over the years. He loved the moment where Bono wrapped himself in the Irish flag and told the crowd to 'Close your eyes and imagine you're Jason McAteer'. He took it upon himself to track Jason down in London and asked him to be part of the video, we were so excited when Jason said yes. They shot it last week and we cut it with the concert footage alongside the original footage of Jason in his Number 7 shirt after scoring that famous goal. A goal that defeated the Netherlands by the way! But also a goal that illustrates the pure joy and euphoria of football and the celebratory message of this song. For Ole to be able to connect the dots is a dream come true."

The release information from UEFA explains that 'We Are The People' reminds us that a song can look at the challenges facing the world at a given time and still attempt a unified response. It is a hymn sheet from which we can all sing where ever we may come from, but especially in Europe where the competition will capture the attention of the whole world. 'We Are The People' hopes to reflect the positivity, hope and determination required for any team to succeed, as well as offer a sense of togetherness which fits the theme of UEFA EURO 2020: Unity. For the first time in EURO history, the tournament is being played across the continent, which will display the overriding theme of unity throughout.

Every UEFA EURO Championship since 1992 has had an official song with the likes of Nelly Furtado, Simply Red, and Enrique Iglesias providing the tournament's soundtrack in the past. 

UEFA EURO 2020, delayed as a result of the pandemic, is being held across the continent for the first time in the competition's history, with 11 host cities in all. Amsterdam, Baku, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Glasgow, London, Munich, Rome, Saint Petersburg and Seville will all host matches this summer with the first match kicking off at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome on 11 June 2021 with Turkey facing Italy. The final will take place at Wembley Stadium, London on 11 July 2021.

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Cd single
I wish this was released as a cd single
Great uplifting song!!
Amazing song, very uplifting for this tough and divisive times we are facing. Hoping always for a better future!!
Dutch - Irish
Dutch - Irish a perfect combination
Very U2ish
Hi Edge and Bono and Martin, Love this song!! Sounds very like U2. @Martin, good thing you asked The Edge and Bono.
If only
Great song, grows on me the more I listen to it. If the band were on tour, they could use it during the break of the show, accompanied by footage of the national football team of the country they are performing in.
Spectacular song and video with hope for
Great song! Great video! A light of hope for better days for the world and for my Brazil. Vaccines for everyone now!
I'd never heard of Martin Garrix. So, I felt old. Two weeks later I feel even older, since I just found out Martin Garrix, like me, is Dutch! I don't have a clue what stone I must have lived under....hahaha. I like Bono's singing on this track, his voice (and/or the way he uses it) changes every five to ten years. It's a musical journey, Larry would say! ;-)
U2 we are the people
What a great song, it really lifts the spirits after what we have all been through.
Great New Sound
Great new song for these moments of new normality. The best moment is always now.
Great song
U2 and Football>> switch-on
Top !
Top, number 1 !
Are the people is an great Son g to show the world that everyone can be the light. .. ... .... You lose-You win = Perfect Love, light and wisdom from the underground of Oldenzaal town. Detlev Lassche for The Vertigo Hunter (miss you sugar).
Bono’s voice is great amazing singer
As a Dutchman, I must say I feel proudness seeing Martin Garrix teaming up with Bono and Edge. Just 25 years of age, he did some incredible things. Well done!
Let Me In The Sound (2x)
Awesome joyful song; awesome collaboration. Absolutely Great to hear That (incredible) Voice again. Music is truly the highway to our hearts. For EveryOne.
New song
That voice !!
Amazing song .. cant wait to dance to it in the clubs!
We are the People
What a great song. Bono's voice is unbelievable. It's so uplifting. Can't wait to see it played! The video is also amazing. I've already purchased on iTunes yesterday! Hope everyone follows and makes it a number one song for U2!
We are the people
Great Song! and now a new U2's album!!
Feeling of joy and community
It´s great to hear new music that brings us so much joy and optimism in these difficult times. The video beautifully captures the strength of sportsmen and women. I enjoy seeing Bono and The Edge perform so powerfully.
Forza U2 & Martin!
Fantastic Track for a Fantastic Game! I hope you perform it opening ceremony! Forza Italia!!!
You made my day!!
Thank you for bringing this overspilling joy back into my life!!
Great new song
Good to hear something new from bono and the edge, it s a great song with catchy melody and very good lyrics, no doubt it s gonna be a hit, thanks guys Hope to see you perform again soon in Belgium or neighbour country's
Well that’s what I call a dud...generic hymn without any interesting edges. Is this meant in satirical way with all the stereotypes? Looking forward to the Apollo though
We are the people!
Great new song. Great sound. So up lifting. It comes at time when it is needed so much. We’ve all been through so much, it good to hear a song that is so motivating. Great collaboration. Perfect for the Soccer (LOL) tournament. #UEFA #EURO2021 # FOOTBALL #NURSESROCK #COVIDSTRONG #VACCINATE #LOVEU2 Ken Philadelphia,PA
New Song
Machtig goede song en vibes !
Great .... finally a good mood song again in the difficult times .... great voice
We are THE People!
It’s fantastic to hear this song. It is so uplifting and bursting with optimism and positive vibes. Absolutely love it! Also love Jason McAteer on the video reminding me of Slane Castle concert. Can’t wait for the EURO <3
Great tune, even better video! Well done everybody involved.
Thank you !!!!! Really needed this!!!!!! When your torn down and pressed against the wall, you’ve given us music Blessings -isaiah
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