Edge and Yoko For Amnesty

7 May 2004
Edge introduced Yoko Ono last night, to open 'In the time of shaking' at the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

Edge, who has supported Amnesty with U2 for 20 years, recalled attending the opening of the first Amnesty Irish offices in Shaw Street in Dublin in 1984.

'I'm proud of the way Ireland and Irish people have supported Amnesty ever since then.' he said, 'I'm also particularly pleased that this Irish initiative is spear-heading what will hopefully become a series of similar art exhibitions around the world that will raise money for Amnesty.'

Edge then introduced Yoko Ono to officially open the exhibition. Another long time Amnesty supporter, two years ago, acting on a suggestion made by Irish actor Gabriel Byrne, Yoko gave Amnesty International the rights to use John Lennon's song "Imagine" in a campaign for human rights.

Speaking about her visit to Ireland and about her late husband, she said "I am proud, pleased and happy to be here in Dublin today to open this wonderful exhibition which not only helps generate the support Amnesty needs but is providing a fund-raising model which we can use around the world. 'John was very conscious of his Irish background. He was extremely proud of being Liverpool Irish, which gave him a sense of rebellion and inspired his poetry. I really think that his poetry definitely came from his Liverpool Irish heritage - tradition, beauty, sense of humour and word play all being strong Irish qualities.'

Later in the evening, Yoko took Edge up on his invitation to drop by U2's recording studio and meet the rest of the band.

Even before last night's official opening, 'In The Time of Shaking' has raised more than half a million euro's for Amnesty International.

The launch was attended by over 1000 people including band friends like Gavin Friday and Guggi, whose work is featured in the show.

'There is a synergy between art and Amnesty International.' explained Amnesty International, Secretary General Irene Khan. 'Artists the world over have been supported by Amnesty when their rights were abused and support us in return as an expression of their commitment to truth through human rights.
'Art exposes truth and the sale of this work will go towards exposing the truth behind the most hidden human rights atrocity of our time ­ violence against women'.

Art sale
The works went on sale to the public on Wednesday 21 April 2004 at 10 am, when the official website (www.artforamnesty.org/shaking) went live. All works may be viewed on this website which also provides prices, details on how to purchase and on what works have already been sold or reserved. Due to the quality of the work and the historic nature of this event, demand has been high and the works will continue to be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. The sale of the works provides a unique opportunity to acquire exciting new Irish art while simultaneously supporting Amnesty International in its work for human rights worldwide.

Exhibition at IMMA
The works will be exhibited in the East Wing of the Irish Museum of Modern Art from Friday 7th May until Sunday 23rd May 2004. Admission is free, and the Museum is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10.00am ­ 5.30pm and on Sundays, 12.00-5.30 pm. Visit www.artforamnesty.org/shaking for details. More information on IMMA is available at www.modernart.ie

A limited edition 292 page book has been beautifully printed and bound in hardback as part of the show. Designed by Ciarán ÓGaora, the book features full colour reproductions of all of the works, an essay by Professor Ciarán Benson, a new poem by Derek Mahon and biographies of all the artists. A limited edition of 3,000 is available for purchase through Art for Amnesty for €45. Visit www.artforamnesty.org/shaking for details

Special book signing
On Sunday 9th May from 1pm to 4pm over 50 of the artists will attend an official book signing at IMMA, where members of the public can not only view the exhibition, but can also purchase one of the limited edition books and have it signed by a number of the artists.

Art for Amnesty is an international initiative, based in Dublin, that harnesses the goodwill and support of artists of all disciplines from around the world in major fundraising projects for the benefit of Amnesty International.

Useful links
www.artforamnesty.org/shaking (information on this event)
www.amnesty.org (Amnesty International's global website)
www.amnesty.ie (Amnesty International, Irish Section)
www.modernart.ie (Irish Museum of Modern Art)


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