Shaking All Over

6 May 2004
Edge joins Yoko Ono tonight for 'In The Time of Shaking', a new exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

'In the time of shaking' is a sale, exhibition and limited edition book involving over 100 of Ireland's leading artists in support of human rights and the work of Amnesty International.

Hailed as one of the most exciting exhibitions of contemporary new Irish art in years, the exhibition features new work by more than a hundred of Ireland's most important contemporary artists, including Louis le Brocquy, Patrick Scott, Camille Souter, Sean Scully, Tony O'Malley, Barrie Cooke, Patrick Ireland, Patrick O'Reilly, Anne Madden, Mark Francis, Jane O'Malley, Basil Blackshaw, Hughie O'Donoghue, Alice Maher, Carey Clarke, Guggi, Dorothy Cross, Michael Kane, Grace Weir, Felim Egan, Vivienne Roche, Maud Cotter, Cecily Brennan and Clare Langan.

'In the time of shaking' has been conceived and selected by Professor Ciarán Benson of University College Dublin, and members of the 'Artists for Amnesty International 2004' Committee supported by Art for Amnesty.

"I take the show's title ­ In the time of shaking ­ from a phrase I remembered and liked in an old translation of Psalm 27," writes Ciarán Benson "'Shaking' is a metaphor for 'trouble'. The question that then occurs is this: in the time of shaking to what can we turn for support and guidance? And the answer that inspires this show is: to a vision of common humanity such as is asserted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and to the endlessly rich versions of that common humanity in their fullest expression, such as we find in the arts."

You can view all the works here

If you're in Dublin, the works will be exhibited in the East Wing of the Irish Museum of Modern Art from this Friday (7th May) until Sunday 23rd May 2004. Admission is free, and the Museum is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10.00am ­ 5.30pm and on Sundays, 12.00-5.30 pm.

More information on IMMA here

You can buy the limited edition book of the show, and support Amnesty International, through Art for Amnesty here www.artforamnesty.orgfor details

Art for Amnesty is an international initiative, based in Dublin, that harnesses the goodwill and support of artists of all disciplines from around the world in major fundraising projects for the benefit of Amnesty International.


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