More XTRACTS from U2 X-RADIO - Episode 4

29 Mar 20214

Episode 4 - U2 X-Radio’s XTRACTS

From Adam reading William Blake and Edge talking ‘doughnut economics' with Kate Raworth to Bono reading a Psalm and 'Close To The Edge' with Danny Lanois…. must be Episode 4 of U2 X-Radio’s XTRACTS.

Since launching on Sirius XM last summer, thousands of you in North America have become avid listeners to U2 X-Radio. But as the station is not available worldwide, every few months the production team cut together a special highlights package so that everybody else gets to share the joy.

The Spring episode of XTRACTS is another must-listen also featuring Guest DJ spots from Butch Vig and Juliette Lewis and John Kelly’s Elevation show with guests Astronaut Scott Kelly, Pádraig Ó Tuama and Gavin Bryars.

Check out Chris Rock, David Byrne, Phoebe Robinson & Bryan Stevenson on Episode 1 of U2 X-Radio’s XTRACTS.

Adam hosted Episode 2an ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’ Special.

And the bumper end of year edition featured - amongst many others - Guy Garvey, Kevin Godley, St Vincent, Howie B… and Bono Calling a very special guest, Ava Du Vernay.

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Adam’s funk playlist on U2X radio.
Adams funk playlist is pure gold. Brilliant entertainment.
When The Pandemic Passes?
When the damn pandemic passes?. I’ll be at the next tours?.
When The Pandemic Passes?
I’ll be at the next tours when the damn pandemic passes?.
Bono´s voice...
Bono´s voice is stunning....takes my breath away again and again!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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10 May, 2022

On Bono’s birthday the news is out: he’s written a memoir to be published on 1 November 2022.

27 Apr, 2022

 Subscribers Special. 'One of the themes of this tour & album is uncertainty…' Propaganda 18, latest addition to our digital collection.

21 Apr, 2022

Coming April 23, 40th anniversary release on a limited edition 12" vinyl EP.

12 Apr, 2022

Edge, Bono and Gavin Friday among artists remembering Hal Willner.


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