Fire - On Picture Disc for Record Store Day

7 Apr 202117

Fire - 40th Anniversary Picture Disc for Record Store Day
A remastered version of Fire, on picture disc, arrives in June exclusively for Record Store Day.
Recorded in spring 1981 during a break on the Boy Tour, Fire was the first single from the band's second studio album October, with J Swallow as the B-side.
This 40th anniversary picture disc vinyl edition features Fire and J Swallow on Side A, plus two live recordings of Fire on Side B. The first is from Werchter Festival in Belgium in July 1982, the second from a BBC recording at the Hammersmith Palais, London in December 1982. All tracks have been remastered.
Picture Disc Info
4 track 12" EP, cut at 45 rpm.
Picture disc pressing. Side A features 'fire' imagery. Side B features a full colour band photo taken by Martyn Goddard in Notting Hill, London in 1979.
Transparent heavyweight PVC outer sleeve.
Sticker with credits.

1.     Fire (Album Version – Remastered 2021) – 3:51
2.     J Swallow (Remastered 2021) – 2:20 
1.     Fire (Live At Werchter, Belgium, July 1982 – Remastered 2021) – 3:45
2.     Fire (Live At Hammersmith Palais, London, December 1982 – Remastered 2021) – 3:48 

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Very Disappointing Quality Control
I ordered a copy of what I thought was a really cool release online from my local record store. I was really excited for it but the record has numerous wrinkles as well as a large air bubble on the B side, so it's unplayable! I will have to send it back and probably won't bother replacing it because it might be just as bad. Very upset and let down by this.
Mick 66
Got my copy from my local dealer(Vaughan's Vinyl Guernsey) he's a great bloke and never lets me down, cannot believe this record is 40 years old !!!
I´m on FIRE
U2 fan from the 80's Fire Fire Fire
I JUST not Can't Wait to Het this New Rsd vinyl ; ))) I'M A U2 Collector Vinyls since the 80 's
Thor u2
Another winner
I'm definitely buying this on RSD for my collection just as I did with the original 7" double pack single when first released in 1981. As a fan from almost the start I love the back catalogue just don't like SOE at all Please do better next time and get rid of Ryan Tedder as his production does not suit the bands sound in my opinion and with also many poor tracks on that album except Get Out of Your Own Way which is superb the rest falls way short of what I expect and I believe is far and away the very worst album the band has made by a mile. Sorry but I believe in being objective and to quote The Sex Pistols "Blind acceptance is a sign of stupid fools who stand in line".
Greg J
Want it to go with my still in plastic 45 I got back in '82. This is so so awesome!!
After seeing this it occurred to me that my first U2 Show was Nov 17, 1981 ! HOW DID 40 years go so fast? All of this wonderful music. Looking forward to new U2 music! I ALSO would buy this to hang on my wall ... near my U2 Lithograph :)
Top Of The Pops
I remember seeing them perform Fire on TOTP back in 1981. I bought the double single pack and still have it to this day of course. So here we are 40 years on and I'll be queuing up to buy it again. The words I Will Follow never rang truer!
Must have
If for no other reason then to frame and hang on the wall. Hope I’m fortunate enough to get my hands on a copy.
Loving them A CELEBRATION!? What about; A DAY WTHOUT ME, ANOTHER DAY and GLORIA? I hope there will be a brand new album at the end of this year, too! Very positiv and happy...maybe titled: JOY
This is amazing!!!!!!!
Fantastic for collectors
Fantastic for U2 collectors, it's a RSD holiday. An idea since they are for a fan public, as AC/DC or Prince has done. When a cassette for the RSD, Next.....U2 Three on cassette wowwww
U2 Fire
I'm in the queue already...!!!!
Fire 40th
I want that, I NEED that!!!!
More of the same
Nothing really new on this..
Nice release! I enjoy these releases and great to save the record stores with this. Why only release on RSD and why only vinyl... This is more a general question. I don't see why we don't support the stores with other physical formats like a cd or a blu ray. And ..u2...please release more for collectors.... there's so much in your faults that fans haven't seen/heard (esp. in these hard times). In comparison to other artists an improvement is very welcome and needed.
I love those beautiful re-releases of our favourite band. Something to look forward to. It's great U2 participates in Record Store Day again.
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