Fire - On Picture Disc for Record Store Day

7 Apr 20216

Fire - 40th Anniversary Picture Disc for Record Store Day
A remastered version of Fire, on picture disc, arrives in June exclusively for Record Store Day.
Recorded in spring 1981 during a break on the Boy Tour, Fire was the first single from the band's second studio album October, with J Swallow as the B-side.
This 40th anniversary picture disc vinyl edition features Fire and J Swallow on Side A, plus two live recordings of Fire on Side B. The first is from Werchter Festival in Belgium in July 1982, the second from a BBC recording at the Hammersmith Palais, London in December 1982. All tracks have been remastered.
Picture Disc Info
4 track 12" EP, cut at 45 rpm.
Picture disc pressing. Side A features 'fire' imagery. Side B features a full colour band photo taken by Martyn Goddard in Notting Hill, London in 1979.
Transparent heavyweight PVC outer sleeve.
Sticker with credits.

1.     Fire (Album Version – Remastered 2021) – 3:51
2.     J Swallow (Remastered 2021) – 2:20 
1.     Fire (Live At Werchter, Belgium, July 1982 – Remastered 2021) – 3:45
2.     Fire (Live At Hammersmith Palais, London, December 1982 – Remastered 2021) – 3:48 

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Fantastic for collectors
Fantastic for U2 collectors, it's a RSD holiday. An idea since they are for a fan public, as AC/DC or Prince has done. When a cassette for the RSD, Next.....U2 Three on cassette wowwww
U2 Fire
I'm in the queue already...!!!!
Fire 40th
I want that, I NEED that!!!!
More of the same
Nothing really new on this..
Nice release! I enjoy these releases and great to save the record stores with this. Why only release on RSD and why only vinyl... This is more a general question. I don't see why we don't support the stores with other physical formats like a cd or a blu ray. And ..u2...please release more for collectors.... there's so much in your faults that fans haven't seen/heard (esp. in these hard times). In comparison to other artists an improvement is very welcome and needed.
I love those beautiful re-releases of our favourite band. Something to look forward to. It's great U2 participates in Record Store Day again.
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