'Europa EP'

28 Feb 201927

'Europa EP'
Three track EP for Record Store Day, April 13th.

Island Records and UMC today announce U2: The Europa EP, a new 3-track EP to celebrate Record Store Day on Saturday 13th April 2019.

The Europa EP: Side A features an exclusive new mix of previously unreleased material from U2's recent eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour: Charlie Chaplin's electrifying speech from the movie The Great Dictator (1940) underscored with a mash-up of Songs Of Experience album track 'Love Is All We Have Left' and 1993 classic 'Zooropa', leading into a performance of 'New Year's Day' recorded live in Dublin on 5th November last year.

Side B is comprised of two 'Euro'-tinged remixes: St. Francis Hotel's mix of the original album version of 'New Year's Day' and Jon Pleased Wimmin's Euromantic mix of 'Love Is All We Have Left'.

The EP cover art is a Chaplinesque homage to the Europe-themed artwork of U2's 1993 album Zooropa and features the figure 130, in celebration of Chaplin's 130th birthday which falls on 16th April 2019.

The Europa EP tracklisting:

1. Love Is All We Have Left (eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Intro / Chaplin Speech) New Year’s Day ‘Live’  
(Dublin 5th November 2018 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour)

2. New Year’s Day (St Francis Hotel Remix)
3. Love Is All We Have Left (Jon Pleased Wimmin Euromantic Mix)

The Europa EP is available exclusively at participating independent record stores on Saturday 13th April 2019. For a full list of stores, visit here.

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This keeps me motivated. The NYD mashup with right up there with RTSS to WTSHNN on Zoo TV.
digital release please please please???
i get the idea of the record and all but is there anyway you guys can release this digitally? either as a subscribers download or on itunes? please please please?
This New Year's Day Live Version is my n
Love this ep. It is currently my favorite way to listen to New Year's Day.
Thank You!!! With love #TheResistance
Love the EP, The Chaplin mix is awesome. I saw you play on 06/03/17 in Chicago when I first heard the Chaplin intro was blown away. Already organizing for 2020. Come back to the USA soon, keep up the good fight!
Digitally release please??
U2.com Store Day?
Picked this up on record store day. Love the remixes....but - no download card to get these tracks? For our $$$ it would be nice to put these up on u2.com.
The Chaplin speech segwaying into New Year's Day is sublime, NYD sounds fresh and vital. John Pleased Wimmin remix of 'Love is all we have left' is up there with the best U2 remixes; soft beautiful synths ands beats that would make Gorgio Moroder smile. Sounds lovely on warm vinyl! Worth the wait in the queue on Record Store Day.
What a remix
That remix of “Love is All awe Have Left” by Jon Pleased Wimmin is a great mix. Could easily hear it being played after a night at the clubs, Bono’s voice kicking in on the “there’s nothing to stop this from being the best day ever” as the sun rays start to break in the sky...got chills listening to this. A great mix will take you away. The mix by St Francis Hotel was a high point on tour. Amazing start to that one. Very nice to have a live version of it and the studio original. Great EP. Many thanks!!
U2 Generations
RSD 2019, Milano. Proudly, we have a copy!
U2 Generations!
RST 2019, Milano. Hello world!
Here they are!!
Hurray! My husband and I bought one each!
For the collection
I'm excited for this for the A-Side. Like many others I was hoping for other live songs like Red Flag Day, which had a predominant presence on the European leg, and perhaps Summer of Love; songs with a European theme. I don't get the fixation on remixes, would much rather have live songs or b-sides (remember those?)
Europa Zooropa Flashback to present Day
Its a nice little something and slice of songs that most U2 fans have heard but with a small twist. I hope the Band is doing well and living their lives and a small selfish part of me wants to experience another U2 recording with tour. This is a band that Transends many portions of my life and is intertwined within it in a small way. A U2 concert is a occasion that is highly anticipated and an event. Since seeing the Gloria video on MTV, What's that? LOL I've had the bug. These guys have families and time and life is precious and they have done everything, I hope the creative meter is still running and they can turn back the hands of time. Even for those two hours on stage is remarkable and an experience even my kids talk about. That's pretty fucking cool thinking about it
Really ???
Really... more Mixes ? !
Not great
More remixes? No thanks. I would have loved an actual "EP" with live tunes from the tour. I would have also been great to see a release with b-sides and/or unreleased tracks (Like "Soon" or "Winter" or "Mercy"). The Europa EP just seems odd.
You need some protection
Felt like crap since last June....It's all good, but still
How can I buy it?
Hi, everyone. I'd like to know where and how can i buy it.
' Keep them coming'
Love all the remixes..the record sleeve looks great...can't wait to get my hands on it !!!
Just can't wait to add this on my U2Collection ; ))
Say what!!
This is going to be rad!
For U2.com members
A selection should be made available to U2.com members
Don't believe my eyes.
I follow U2 since 1984. I'm sorry to say this is the weakest sleeve of any recording they ever released. Of course, I'd buy it anyway but I'm bemused.
Remix fatigue
Love the ‘Zooropa’ reference in the artwork.. Love the choice of the Charlie Chaplin intro .. Not so pleased about more remixes..They missed a beat by not putting ‘Winter ‘ on the NLOTH reissue,and they’ve missed another here. It should be A - Chaplin intro The Blackout B - Stay (faraway,so close!) New Years Day
Great Cover
I love the sleeve, brave and bold. Everyone will have their own thoughts and preferences in terms of the tracks, but this looks like a very interesting release.
Can´t wait for it!!!! What an emotional intro at the beginning of the shows! Absolute madness! Absolutely mind-blowing !!!! I can´t wait to hold this gigantic EP in my hands!!!!! Thank you guys for this....and all the mind-blowing and epic concerts last year!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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