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26 Feb 201970

Now Downloading…

If you subscribed - or resubscribed - to and selected “iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live, 2015 & 2018" gift, the first two tracks from the forthcoming double live CD are now waiting for you to download.

When you're signed in, click Account Info on the tab at the top right of the page to find:

'The Little Things That Give You Away (Live from Rome 15 July 2017)'

'Song For Someone (Live from Boston 14 July 2015)'

Tell us what you think of the tracks in the comments below.

More downloads coming soon and news on release dates for the subscribers-only live double CD, the definitive live companion to Songs Of Innocence and Songs Of Experience.

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Thanks U2
You guys are so sweet...
Thanks U2
Thanks for downloads ...
Mil gracias
Gracias por llenar mi corazón, gracias por hacerme sentir feliz cuando os escucho , gracias por dedicarme aquella canción en Madrid'18, gracias por firmarme mi bandera y mil gracias por acariciarme la cara y felicitarme por mi boda, sólo puedo dar las gracias por vuestra existencia por siempre y para siempre
Thanks for downloads ...
For the little things you give away to us!
The little things...
It's a pity Bono holds on to the second last note for far too long.
when the new?
After the first two incredible songs, we are waiting for others songs and all the we are in april....we stay tuned......God bless U2
My desire comes true...
The little things a song that breaks my heart every time I listen to... Thank you
Set list
I really hope the CD’s have the whole concerts from both concerts, cause i want to hear some Joshua Tree stuff from the first tour. Especially Streets :)
I'm feeling so grateful to get and have these diamonds in my playlist... 1 x million times thanx
Two of Bono's most personal and heart wr
Absolutely love these two (2) personal songs. Bono just gives it his all! What beautiful love songs to his wife, Ali. Two of their best songs of all time! They should have won Grammys for these songs! Best band in the UNIVERSE!!!!
WOW !!!! Catapulted back into the crowds. The shows. Sitting the stages. I say thank you !!!
Great tracks
Absolutely loving the sound of these tracks, especially "The little things that give you away" really love the piano intro. U2 always sound brilliant live. I'm really looking forward to hearing the rest of the cd when it arrives. Would be great to have a vinyl version over the cd though. Also please come to Australia soon, it has been way too long guys.
These two songs are very good. Can't wait to hear the other songs. I hope we get some "old songs", too. I remember the CD From the Ground Up and the Five bonus tracks. I'm really interested to hear "Until The End of the World", "Zoo Station (2018)", "Stay", "The Fly (2018)", "Wild Horses", "Acrobat", "The real Thing (2018)", "Gloria" and "Elevation back-to-back with Vertigo (2018)"
my 2 fav songs from last 2 albums
They should have played "Little Things" on the last tour. Song is brilliant, although it starts off a bit dull and slow like a lot of great U2 songs. "Song For Someone" was always a favorite of mine, but again a flawed opening that will lose listeners without patience to hear the song build up.
Hi guys! as described in the various posts: the travel companion of the tour innocence + experience, I hope they are all songs of these two masterpiece albums, really fantastic. I think every fan has a live version of the classic albums, in the concerts along their career. This is the right occasion to have live versions in songs that time will deliver to history as the best of u2. only exception "Acrobat" and Stay " THANKS U2 FOR THIS GIFT. and I want to renew my prayer to get a track list of new songs. it's like a breath of fresh air, like the morning of an early summer day. Thanks again for the emotions you give us every time, the four milan dates are carved into our hearts. Stefano Maioli
how find download source?
yes i am that computer illiterate
Song For Someone (Boston)
I was actually at the show in Boston on July 14, 2015, when this version of "Song For Someone" was performed. It's a beautiful song - one of U2's best - and it was a stunning performance. Attached is a rather excellent photo of Bono singing it on the night. (It's certainly better than the pinkish-purple pic with the funny hat included with the download!!).
I sang my heart out
Wow. "The Little Things that Give You Away" gave me chills, as did "Song for Someone." One year later, Songs of Experience is still my favourite U2 album. Can't wait for the full live album!
possible tracklist
Hello and thanks for the downloads! Could I make a suggest for the CDs tracklist? CD1 INNOCENCE 01 The Miracle // 02 California // 03 Iris // 04 Cedarwood // 05 Song for someone // 06 Raised by wolves // 07 Until the end of the world // 08 Invisible // 09 Ordinary love // 10 Volcano // 11 Lucifer's hands // 12 Cristal ballroom // 13 The troubles // 14 Every breaking wave CD2 EXPERIENCE 01 Love is all // 02 The Blackout // 03 Lights of home // 04 Red Flag Day // 05 Who's gonna // 06 Acrobat // 07 Best thing (acoustic) // 08 Summer of love // 09 Get out of your own way // 10 American soul // 11 New year's day // 12 Love is bigger // 13 13 // 14 The little things Looking forward to hear this songs! Thanks!
The Little Things..
I was at the Rome show, so listening to this bought back the memory of hearing the band play Little Things.. very beautifully.
A pelle mi emozionano e continuano a far
The most beautiful feeling of all time I follow them from their trees seen live and mon ki hanjo never disappointed and then I love Bono ... and his band
Thanks for 2 tracks. .... I saw first time in 2015 in New York.I So excite and them 2017 in Santiago Chile... With my daugther. U2 the best band Ever.
the little things
These new downloads are fabulous
And there is a light
Both tracks are very moving and also belong to Bono´s most personal pieces. With his clear voice that ranges from softness to power he puts a lot of sensitiveness in the music. Introducing "Song For Someone" he tells a story about how he tried to impress Alison by writing a song for her at the age of 18. This live version is truly a touching revelation of love. The words "And there is a light, don´t let it go out" give us a strong sense of positivity and joy. Starting with the sound of a piano "The Little Things That Give You Away" is another gem that allows Bono to express a whole spectrum of sincere emotions. I love the way the quiet music continuously builds up intensity as Edge´s guitar accompanies lyrics beginning with "Sometimes...". The song´s crescendo finally culminates in a wonderful, rich sound that gives me goosebumps. Listening to the cheering crowd and these live tracks I remember the special concert experiences I was able to enjoy.
Satisfied Although I Did Not Select Eith
I did not choose either song in the poll. After downloading and listening, I believe the fans picked 2 good songs that will keep me satisfied until the CD is distributed.
The little things that YOU give away
Both tracks are fantastic! You are all very talented and together create the best songs a band could make. Your music carries so many meanings to you and your fans - thank you, really looking forward to more.
Back in
WOW! Catapulted right back into the crowds, the shows, infront the stages, into the moments! What else to say then Thank You, as you know what I mean and how I feel
Had the privilege to be in Stadio Olympico that night, first U2 concert as a family. Was blown away hearing "The Little Things..." for the first time. Thanks for the chance to relive that wonderful memory.
La più bella notte di sempre
Roma, 15th of july 2017: all the fatigue and the heat of that roman day disappeared when you appeared on the stage. Every time is like the first time with you! And what a pleasure to listen to your new song for the first time. I had the feeling that you were like old friends of mine who have something urgent to tell about your life and my life. You exposed yourselves playing The little things that give you away, which is a beautiful song, but not an easy song. My beloved U2, that was LA PIU' BELLA NOTTE DI SEMPRE!
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