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9 May 2015111

It's almost here.
On Thursday, in Vancouver, U2's  iNNOCENCE & EXPERIENCE TOUR goes live.


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FLYING FROM PERTH TO NYC - 30 HRS - that's about as far as YOU CAN go - for the 27July MSG show.....SECTION 104, ROW 17, SEATS 3 and 4. (IT's a SURPRISE for the WIFE!!!!) Love to meet you Bono!!!! Pop on up to our seats for a chat!
South Africa Misses you Guys
So jealous that the rest of the world gets to see the lads Live again. Please come and make us all happy here at the Southern Tip of Africa #Mzansi #U2 #U2ie
For Tim
Tim and I met at a U2 concert, the Joshua Tree, and were never separated. We moved to Cincinnati, and traveled to the Chi, our hometown, every concert since. This is the first concert I go to without him. He passed away last August from a GBM brain tumor. I cannot wait to see you guys again! You have been the soundtrack to our lives. I'd love to hear our two songs, 40 and All I want is you!
U2@ thee fabulous Forum, Los Angeles!
3 more days! Then. U2 on stage! And like always, an unforgettable concert, nite and memory! Alex :)
The Future: Where the streets have no na
Making the future a place where we want to be. Creating the future with Action, compassion, honor, believing, and keeping the lights shining. Also attitude, swank, and rock & roll powerful enough to turn goat piss into gasoline.
Waiting for another memorable night for
Headed to see the concert tonight in downtown Phoenix and I can't wait. You guys have never disappointed! Good Luck Tonight!
My dream is since 1993 that you come back to Budapest. izabella
Amazing stage! That's what I've thought.
we are waiting
I'm hoping if confirmed dates for a show in Argentina, please do not forget to Latin America, we are waiting! regards
Where it all began.
Been listening, loving, and enjoying you guys since you first broke out big in Boston. I've seen you guys many times over the years and was lucky enough to win tickets, from WBCN, to that very intimate show that you guys did at the Somerville theater. Can't wait for the show on the 11th of July in Beantown!!! You guys rock!!!
lucky you!
well waiting for september, lucky you on the other side of the world! enjoy enjoy enjoy................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tonight's the night
Heading out to Rogers Arena for opening night!
Can't wait to see you guys in Barcelona!!! THE BEST BAND OF ALL TIME. Love from Portugal.
Only five dayssss to see U again!!!!....I can't wait!!....Really excited!
Can't wait till London shows it will be my 15th show over the years but my first with my 10 year old son his first live concert and he's going to see the best live band ever
Beautiful Day
As I listen to Beautiful Day, the song that really started my U2 journey, I am excited that on this beautiful day the new tour begins and in 23 days I will go to my 3rd U2 concert! I feel so blessed! I don't care where I sit or what you play as long as we're in the same space! And Bono glad you're ok! No more accidents for you sir!
Can't wait...
Flying from Dallas to NY in July to see them. This will be my 8th U2 concert since the 90's in Toronto. Best concerts ever.
I'm here in Vancouver waiting for the show tonight! I can't wait!!! So excited.
ready for the emotional roller coaster t
this will be my 4th concert - next Tuesday! I will be so happy to see you all again! I laugh, I smile, I cry, and I scream your names! I sing along, I dance, and I am happy! I can't wait! and then, when it is over and the house lights come up, I am both happy and incredibly sad. I'll wear the shirt I buy multiple times a week until I see you again!
Looks great..and the Sound..
You could hear a different more clear, crystal clear sound coming from that video. This album is going to take off now, and will sound fantastic live! Best of Luck!!
See you on Turin 4 September!
I'm very excited for my 5th U2 concert of my life!! See you in Turin :-)
The electricity is in the air
My hair is standing on end waiting for the moment, and I am not using any gel. I wish I knew how to take a selfie so I could share my excitement, but you'll just have to imagine. God Bless U2
June 25th can't be here soon enough!
Will make it a 3 generation event this time. Taking my daughter & 10 year old granddaughter who has been asking me since the last tour when I was going to take her see U2. We are flying to Chicago & she has NO CLUE. Can't wait to see her face when she figures it out! Who can say that they went to their first concert with their grandma! Only the best for her! It's going to be priceless!
See you Friday the 15th!
My 1st U2 concert!! Can't wait to hear the new songs, but I am so hoping you'll play Streets with No Name.
I really dreamded for so many years ti be at ont of your concert ni Bercy un Paris...I tried ti have ticket...I never obtened any possibility...and I'am no rich enought to travel for USA ...So I'm sad, so so sad...I home people that can be present at your show will appreciate how lucky they are...I ask myself how some people can see your show 3 times....But I must accept this fact. I send to all your band a very very good luck, much hapiness for you and people that assist to your show. May be you'll make a film, a video for all the people like me who are so disappointed, so sorry, do not have this incredible opportunity to attend your new gig. Good healing also Bono and much happiness to each of you to find your public awaits you for so long. You explode. very friendly. Caroline
Soup, rest and thanking everyone.
Best of luck with the show. Remember to eat well and get plenty of rest between performances. Soup is a great energy food because it packs in loads of nutrition. My other tip is to be in bed before 11.00pm and get at least 8 hours sleep a night. No staying up and watching telly. And I don't want to hear you have been near the hotel mini bar. Remember to thank everyone after each concert. Please send a free ticket for Dunlin shows to: Nagging whole food guy - PO box 1 - Europe. Ok - over and out. (For now)
So Hyped!
I'm so excited about seeing this show tomorrow! I wish I was gonna be at the opener tonight!
This looks awesome can't wait for November - London
Sean in New Hampshire
Going to the Boston show July 11th. Asking every day to please play "Bad" for many emotional reasons! U2 is the greatest!
Much Great Success - For All The right R
Let the light come channeling through !!! Love and joy !!!
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