From The Ground Up

30 Sep 201272
From The Ground Up, the official photo book of the U2360° tour, is set for publication in just a couple of months.

This handsome hardback title, featuring photography from Ralph Larmann and text by Dylan Jones, will be published in October and is available to preorder from this weekend.

For anyone who treasures their memories of the extraordinary tour that was  U2360°, this book captures the period like no other.

If you're a subscriber (or considering it) we're delighted to announce that we'll be including a special edition of From The Ground Up as part of our 2012/2013 subscription offer.

Featuring the same text and photography, this edition of the book comes with a little something extra...  more exclusive live tracks from U2360°.

That's all we can reveal for now - full details of our new subscription package will be announced in October.

In the meantime, if you haven't got a copy of the limited-edition double live CD, U22, you've still got a few more weeks to to take advantage of the current subscription offer.

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extra tracks...
I´ll hope for songs like blue room, stingray guitar, HMTMKMKM, Electrical Storm, spanish eyes.... this is the only chance to get them, PLEASEEEEE!!! thanks in advancee
Songs Of Ascent
I've listened watched all the youtube clips of the unreleased songs like North Star, Glastonbury and Mercy. They are all fantastic, please give us live versions of these songs as well as Crazy Tonight remix, Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me, Vertigo, 40, Scarlet and any other rarity. Loved U22 Zooropa was fantastic loving it. Off with the horns and on with the show!
announcement anytime soon?!
enough with the wait. when will announce the subscriber s package?! sometime back it was mencioned that in october we would hear about it. october almost at an end. great antecipation for the book. but, everyone kinda knows the fans wait essentially for the music side of the package. make it even better than the u22! relaease...... u2 salutations support be aware. exercise your citizenship.
extra live tracks? awesome!
have to include the live version of "Mercy" taken from the "ep" Wide awakein europe. that would be pretty cool. along with new years day that was only played so often. along with a couple of the new songs like return of the sting ray guitar and a couple more songs from no line on the horizon i mean that was the album the tour was supporting anyway. but i cannot wait for this new subscriber special! love and many thanks from kansas to U2
Where do I begin
Crazy Tonight remix, Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me, 40, Scarlet, Vertigo, North Star, Glastonbury, Breathe, etc..... oh, I've already commented... oh well.. again anyway!
Please you have to include Return of the Stingray Guitar the next bonus CD PLEASE!!!
u22 an atomic bomb not dismantled
U22 is so great. One tree, stay, mom of surrender with this faboulous bonos inspiration, and the minimalist with or without. Thank you for giving us great life. Too hard to wait for the rest, sure that will contain treasures. Give us the crazy tonight cuba version from frankfurt, glastonbury, vertigo... Cant find the words to thank you guys.
Let's wrap this thing!
This is a great offer for the membership renewal. Just give us all the remaining tracks alongside with the book. There is no reason to keep it. All fans would be happy and have the entire 360 tour tracks with this nice book.
Happy b-day!!!
36 years of cool friendship and inspiration. Great tunes, fantastic melodies, awesome lyrics and superb live concerts. What else can we ask for? Mmm, well actually for other 30 years of great music, please? Thanks you guys, congrats to you all and your crew
Birthday wish come true'
I Love you guys my Awesome husband today this morning on My Birthday surprised me with the CD collection and this website access wow I am so Blown away this is better then Disneyland Better then chocolate better then anything I have ever gotton ' Thank You Rob your the best'
Happy Birthday U2!!!
The band formed in Dublin on 25 September 1976. 36 years old!!! congrats!!!
On September 25
Happy birthday U2! I will always love you!!
A great gift! Thank you U2
bono's hat
You thought last year's was good!
It would be beyond belief to get the remaining 360 tracks, and a book as well!! You are spoiling us you guys
UR such a....
You are such a tease! I'll get one 2C for christMAS.
thanks boys
we love u2,,thanks to to be happy all u2 fans...the new record of u2 october 2013..please boys come u2 from portugal
I too would love to hear The Return Of The Stingray Guitar again.They opened the show with it at our 360 gig.They also played North Star,that song has gotta get a release too! And I thought Vertigo seemed to get a new life on the 360 tour.It really ripped at Suncorp Stadium.
Loved u22,2 discs of remaining tracks please now that would b the biz,
Happy with this new offer! I love the live tracks. Thanks
breathe and unknown caller from croker just have to be included...not enough new material on u22 as incredible as it is...its been nearly 30 years for me and 43 gigs but i want some more no line stuff!!!!!!...>
more please!!!!!!
just keep it coming....3 incredible nights in dublin in 09 was my 43rd gig and they have never been better...been my life since the war tour and they can do no new 360 tattoo is finished so hurry back summer and the next tour so i can make it 50...thanks book sounds great..
Wearing Me Down
There are just too many boss things on this site as a subscriber to pass up. I'm beaten down...linking to subscribe. (Oh yeah, and thanks a lot!) I believe I read it comes with a guarantee that the band will come through my city on the next tour. ;-)
Great to be a member
Being a member for several , it is always special when the year ends and will announce the gift with the subscription. I treasure every one of them, Thanks Marjolein
I'm in!
After receiving my U22 a day has not passed without listening to it! A photo book with more songs?? Sold!
heck yes
Awesome, will definitely be resubscribing, thanks for all the perks, can't wait to see this book!
A Sort Of Homecoming
This song brings me back to my youth and was one of the first songs that got me hooked on U2. I was a teenager in the early 1980's and for some reason U2 was a hit with the 'preppy' crowd. I look back and think of the parties and there was always U2 playing and everyone getting into it. GOOD TIMES....GOOD TIMES.
karl hammond
New 360 Downloads
Would love to have the downloads of Crazy Tonight remix , as well as Stingray Guitar , as both of these were exclusive to the 360 tour . Looking forward to whatever comes my way . In my eyes , U2 can do no wrong !!
Please do not let this be a digital only gift (of the book); unless it has some additional, really cool links etc...October can't get here soon enough.
More Horizen
We need the No Line On the Horizen, Boots and Breathe! Either way looking forward to rejoining. thx again
October? My goodness, I'll be listening to that song until I finally get to know the "conditions" for this beautiful gift --again U2 pampering and spoiling us fans--we are going to receive. Subscription? Obviously, yes!!! Please, please, don't forget Boots and Electrical Storm, a classic from NLOTH and a b-side which I've dying to listen to live!
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