'It is FANTASTIC! It's a GLORIOUS, HUGE photo book, with AMAZING pictures from the tour, and 2 CDs containing LIVE recordings at various venues. Bravo, U2, on yet another BRILLIANT subscriber-exclusive CD set. I LOVE IT!'

'U2 has really outdone themselves with this fan club gift! I had no idea that it would be LP-sized, so I was taken aback when I opened the package... '

'LOVE IT! This a grand slam for fan club releases. Excellent mixing of one song into the next. The songs flow seamlessly. The LP sized packaging was great. Picking a favorite song off of it is near impossible.'

'... beyond excited! Looking through the pictures took me back to the shows I saw during the tour and listening brought back some amazing memories. '

'Incredible! We picked the songs - you picked the most amazingly unique renditions for each one! U22 is a masterpiece. Good luck trying to make a better album! You've set a pretty high bar for yourselves.'

'I just got U22 and it's freaking awesome! Like being there!'

Got your copy of U22 yet ? Surprised ? Highlights? Bring back any memories ?

Let us know in the comments below... and tell us where you are in the world.

(Still waiting for your copy? Check out our  competition, U22 Unwrapped.)


03 October, 2012
Will Have to invest in a copy. Sounds AMAZING!!!!!!
16 August, 2012
Arrived in Roermond, The Netherlands Par
Sadly my mom died monday August the 13th at 78 years old. She enjoyed listen to U2 too. When she heard U2 on the radio she always said; "I have to tell Leon". She liked Love Rescue Me very much and we'll listen to it Saterday during her cremation. Thanks guys for sharing your music with us, fans, and giving my mom a smile on her face!! U22 is great, couldn't be better! Leon
28 July, 2012
Still waiting...
Not yet..Checking for it daily,can't wait.Downloaded the 12 tracks playing over and over.Still looking in Boston Ma USA...
25 July, 2012
Am I the only one in Ireland who hasn't got u222 yet
25 July, 2012
Arrived in Roermond, The Netherlands
We went on holiday to Austria on July 15th, still no U22. Tuesday the 17th I got a phonecall from my sister that my mom has cancer. Two days later we heard that it was in the spinal and liver and that she has only a few months to live. My mom, 78 years old likes U2 too. She liked to hear when I was playing their music. I'm alo an Edgewannabe, so when i lived at my parents house and played U2-music she liked it very much. Till now I'm still searching for band-members to begin my own U2-coverband but's hard to find them. My dream was that she could see me play once, so she would be proud of me and I very glad for her to join in the crowd. But unfortunately....that will never happen in these few months. Maybe too soon but I would like to dedicate U22 to my mother. Mom I love you very much. You're MAGNIFICENT!
23 July, 2012
still waiting
Still haven't found what I'm looking for! Nothing arrived here in Melbourne , I think I have been forgotten. So Sad!
21 July, 2012
Excelente y magnifico!!!
Ya recibi mi paquete del U22 en Costa Rica, esta genial, gracias U2 por ese hermoso regalo, pura vida!!
20 July, 2012
Nothing in Romania !!
Absolutely Nothing, If there's anyone else, besides me, from Romania in here, let me know!!!
20 July, 2012
Today i received my copy!!!!!! I had The FLY on full volume straight away :)))
18 July, 2012
Wonderfull gift, thank you
Yes, finally, my U22 was waiting for me, when I got home. Love it Thanks you U2 from IJsselstein Holland.
16 July, 2012
Friday the 13th wasn't BAD this time!!!!
Finally... U22 arrived last Friday in Velserbroek! Setlist is great, sound is great too. Thank you for this awesome present. Lots of memories are popping up again. Cheers!!
16 July, 2012
Anybody in SoCal??
Have not received my copy yet, anxiously awaiting it. Has anyone in SoCal gotten their set? I get so nervous, worrying that somehow mine has been hijacked....
16 July, 2012
Postman found Hoogeveen
I nearly got myself in a depression (especially because of the pouring rain) but U22 arrived in the fine town of Hoogeveen. Let it all come down, noboby gets me down!
16 July, 2012
U22 is in Amsterdam
Many thanks from Amsterdam.
16 July, 2012
At last it finally has arrived in waddinxveen the netherlands i want to thank paul david adam and larry and everyone behind the scenes, Bono always says we have given them a great life but you four guys have given the fans the greatest gift you could give us a magnificent tour and now this great book and cd's .Thank from a huge fans since way back in the eightees
15 July, 2012
U22 in Holland
Love It! Brings back sweet memories. Bad is overwhelming and the rest is....magnificent.
14 July, 2012
One more in Rotterdam
Thank you very much U2, for this great music! Just in time before we leave for our holidays to Scandinavia . We are quite emotional these days, our thoughts are with the Norwegians right now. The CD's were delivered today by UPS.
de Visser
14 July, 2012
Got Mine From Veghel Holland
I got U22 today. Great sound, beautifal foto's. Really love it.
13 July, 2012
13 July, 2012
still nothing
Still waiting in waddinxveen in the netherlands,Question for all the other dutch members does it come by mail or package service, it's already in rotterdam so must be near
13 July, 2012
U22 Awesome
I want to thank 4 Irish boys for this masterpiece! In one word AWESOME!!!!! thanks from Holland!!
13 July, 2012
u22 in Rotterdam
Finally received it in Holland Rotterdam, brings back so many magical memories in Amsterdam, Londen en Hannover..........., its magnificent :-)!! Thanks Guys.........
13 July, 2012
Received it today. Thanks guys, looks and sounds superb.
13 July, 2012
Rotterdam is listening to U2 2 !
12 July, 2012
Finaly it came to my place in the Nether
Listened to it in my car. It got me hooked straight away. I put it on my Lumia phone to get it listening all day looooong. Even under the shower and brushing teeth with a set of boxes. There are worse ways to get addicted. Me and U22 can go everywhere now !!!!!!
12 July, 2012
just receive U22, right in time for my birthday, thank you so much for all the amazing songs! Merci U2 pour toute l'émotion que vous nous donnez au fil du temps, au travers des albums, des cds, des concerts, je frisonne à chaque fois !
11 July, 2012
Today I received my wonderful U22. Without words, I do not know what to say is simply amazing! :D
11 July, 2012
What's next ?
Thank you U2 for the ultimate 360 souvenir, it's amazing. The party's only starting. Here's to the next album.
11 July, 2012
At last
Got my copy todays lads, thanks!
11 July, 2012
Thankyou U2
YAY!!! My U22 is finally in my hands, so awesome, wonderful and amazing. Never before have I checked my letterbox which so much intensity over the last few weeks, hoping, waiting and expecting. THANKYOU!
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