Happy Christmas

25 Dec 2016140

Happy Christmas

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I laughed ...
... my pants off seeing this video. Really, this video is so funny! Adams Face in the beginning, Bono chuntering something anything, and Edge is hmm ... a little "off" in the end of LittleDrummerBoy. Very funny seeing him taking notice of this ... I love U2 and their music, I really do. Seems it is the one and only real love in my life, so far. The guys inspire me since 1997, when I was at my first U2 concert here in Austria. It's GREAT news to hear that they will do a Joshua Tree tour. A tour of my favorite album of all time, no discussion about this. Each and every single minute they spent in making this wonderful album is worth it. A few hours ago I took out 2 tickets for Berlin out of my mailbox. I really can't await this concert to happen. For me christmas will be in July. DEFINITELY! Love & peace guys! cy@Berlin
I'm really sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy. Best wishes for you all. Thomas
Big Hint
So, this was a big hint. Now everone knows.
June can't get here soon enough
So excited about the new tour. Commemorating Joshua Tree (my all time favorite album) is genius! Love you guys.
Can't wait
if it wasn't for The Joshua Tree I would never have liked U2. It was a friend of the family who let me listen to it, but I had to listen to it a few times before I liked it and I'm glad I did listen to it a few more times, and I think for that reason it's the best album they've ever made. I was just thinking the other day it's hard to believe that album is 30 years old! To. E that album will always be the best classic album ever made! So thanks U2 for making it!
I've loved U2 for 33 years and for you guys to sing the whole album, in full, is amazing. My 27 year old son is named Joshua and I hope to see you soon. Thanks for the best 33 years of music.
Joshua Tree 2017
Hope you'll come back to Sun Devil stadium in Phoenix! Please?
Happy Christmas and Merry New Year
Cant wait to see the boys in Philly!!!!!
Lisa Eds
Lisa Hull
Fantastic news - The Joshua Tree is my all time favourite :) Can't wait to see you boys yet again!!! See you in July....and so she woke up, woke up from where she was, lying still...
Joshua Tree was my first concert and I can't wait to see you in June!!! I love you all!!!
Love from Benevento!!!ITALIA
The Joshua Tree...my favourite album!!! I' m waiting for you in Rome with my family!!!!We love you.....
First tour I saw was Lovetown so really looking forward to this announcement!!
Inglewood pls
Come to Inglewood again please, I was born and raised here and it would mean everything to me
From Lima
Waiting for U2 in Peru!
U2 take the best of the past with them..The Joshua tree,from beginning to end is a great part of the past..l will follow
jose besteiro
I attended the gig at Santiago Bernabeu, 15th July 1987. It was the first of a lot of times i´ve been to a U2 show. Unforgettable.
Please perform in Toronto, Canada in 201
I was there - October 3, 1987 - Exhibition Stadium - Toronto - and never missed a tour since - lets do it again 30 years later!!!!!
Fingers crossed
The first time I saw U2 live was Boston Gardens for Joshua Tree. I just hope there is some way I can afford to go this time!
Still in shock at this, was only 4 when Joshua Tree came out and that's the tour would like to have seen the most, this looks like could be closest thing to it! Personal opinion would be great to see Dublin show come to the Aviva this time as they haven't played it since it's been redeveloped, Croke Park is too open, was at the seats at back last time they played there and felt miles from stage and was looking at big empty space behind fans on pitch, Aviva much more compact and would hold the sound better, less chance of residents giving off also!
Joshua Tree Tours
Beside myself with excitement - in Croke Park the 1st time around and will be again - Running To Stand Still one of my all time favourite U2 songs - see you there boys if rumours true - that's if I don't see you at my 50th in Feb my birthday request every year but no one listens lol! Anyway bring it home boys x
U2 Italy
We are waiting for youuuuu!!!! My car is ready!
Happy New Year 2017
Happy new year 2017 to you and all us U2 fans and lovers. We are waithing for you here in Finland :) Hope to see you soon if not here then somewhere around the world!
U2 in barcelona catalonia
Hope to see you in a few months in barcelona! You'll be very welcome in Catalonia as usual!! Can't wait for! The Joshua Tree never dies!
2017 special tour
30 years For The Joshua Tree and it's my 40th this year what a Fantastic 40th Birthday present this is going too be I can't wait...... I will be there bring on the dates...so so happy
JT was my 1st concert ever
Since then I've only missed 1 tour & that was Elevation. Hoping they come to Philly so my streak can continue! Happy New Year! Xoxo
Hope Brazil São Paulo, where we had memorable shows can be in the list for the 30th anniversary of Joshua Tree. Anyway I will be wherever.
U2 Spain
This year is the 30th aniversary of the Joshua Tree as Bono says in this video. I have read in the internet that U2 it's going to play in Spain this year again in Barcelona. I am very happy about this, but I am very sad about the location of the concert. I do not agree with the location. On July 13th of 1987 U2 made one of the best concerts of ever in Madrid, the capital of the country. Since this date, I saw U2 everytime in every tour in Spain. In addition, U2 doesn't play in Madrid since 2005 in Vertigo Tour. Me and a lot of people are tired to travel to Barcelona each time U2 plays in Spain. It's not the trip itself. It's the cost of price and time of travelling, the accommodation and the ticket. For this reason each concert costs a lot, and it's not fair. Madrid is a better location because it's in the middle of the country (more or less). It's a better place for the rest of spanish cities and for the people of other countries. Trips are shorter and the accommodation it's better because we are a big city and we have more of anything. 12 years without U2 in Madrid it's a lot of time. Madrid is the Capital of Spain. We deserve it!
2017 concerts
I'm so excited I can't wait for the dates ..
30 years.....Joshua Tree.... I will be there ....God willing....Cheers for the New Year.
Come back ti San siro stadium!!!!! Vi aspettiamo!!!!
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