'I remember dreaming...'

19 Sep 201410
"I remember dreaming that it might last for ever but I do remember also thinking, 'We're in school, we're 17, in a year's time people may move on... and maybe it won't be there.'
"But in my dreams I wanted to believe that these three people I was making music with, that this would be my destiny and we would be making music for the rest of our lives together."

Adam has been speaking to Perros De la Calle Radio Show in Buenos Aires, one of a series of interviews the band are taking part in this week.
Over in our community area, the team have started posting audio of some of the interviews - first up that conversation with Adam and then two with Bono, one with KROQ in LA and a second with the BBC's Jo Whiley. (UPDATE: Bono's extended interview with Dave Fanning on RTE now added.)

'A U2 album never gets finished, it just gets released....' Edge was on air with Alan Cross, an old friend of the band.

 'I want these tunes to be airborne, light in their feet. To be like Beatles records, you can stray into dark territory but then stray into a pop song.'  Bono talked with Mary Lennartz from XRT.

'This ordinary suburban street has produced not only Bono but his childhood friends Gavin Friday and the artist Guggi...' 
The Irish Times are carrying a story and video featuring Bono's childhood home in Cedarwood Road - the title of one of the tracks on the new album - and fans who pay homage.  They're 'mostly Italian', says owner Tom Ryan, 'There are no problems. They’re very gentle. I’d call them gentleman fans. They just come take a photograph and nick the odd flower or two from the garden.'

"What did we really want with these songs ? We wanted to get them to as many people as we can. Could we talk someone into helping us with that?'
Time Magazine are carrying a second clip with the band.

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wonderful album
I cannot stop listening. Thanks U2.
I woke up at the moment when the MIRACLE
It's so touching to hear/read all interviews with the band and feel first hand the level of respect, love and care they have for one another. U2 is really what I'd call a "miracle" in the world of music, where most bands that have managed to stay years together can't seem to stand each other outside the stage, they not only have managed to stay true to their music and each other, but continue to create and challenge themselves, keeping this unit fun and relevant. We're truly lucky we get to wake up to you and the miracle of your music. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE U LIVE AGAIN!!!! xoxo
Never a fan before....
The free download was brilliant! I have been aware of U2 for a long time and generally liked their sound and admired the work they have done and causes they have supported. Now, after listening to the new album - I am a fan. Thank you.
I am so glad these four boys had the dream of becoming a band! Their lyrics ressonate so deeply with the moments of my life...I am so blessed to have seen them live, and I continue to look forward to their constant maturity and development as artists. I am in awe and I am thrilled to hear they are continuing in living their dream. Rock on U2!
They beat the odds
Very few of us knew exactly what we wanted to do at 17 (except get out of high school). Adam was very fortunate to find three others who felt exactly the same way about being a band as he did, and still do to this day. And we're the fortunate recipients of their sonic treasures.
perfect music
thanx U2, you make my life complet
It’s a dirty business, dreaming I don’t believe anymore I don’t know how these cuts heal But in you I found a rhyme It was the one thing I could hold on to Complete surrender Friendship once it’s won it’s one You and I are Rock n Roll You know where my heart is In the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard So much a part of who I am I’ve seen for myself There’s no end to grief That’s how I know And why I need to know that there is no end to love (U2)
U2 are better !!
U2 are way better than Beatles....!!!!! The greatest band ever !!!!
cedarwood rd
I can't help thinking that lovely old gentlemen might be sorry that he said he doesn't mind people calling.......
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